Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 6 of 21

Today I get to eat "real" food!!!!!

I've made it through the first five days and for the most part (about 95%), I stuck right with the plan. The scales don't lie. I've lost a LOT of water weight. I've been reading about water retention, specifically, the dangers of water retention. It's not a good thing.

So, now I've gotten so much of the water off, and my liver is beginning to rid itself of the many toxins that I'm sure it was chocked full of. After all this, you can rest assured I'll stop eating things that will poison my liver!

This weekend, I'll begin adding exercise to my routine. I'm going to take it easy at first...taking Roxie out for a walk and maybe hitting the treadmill. Roxie can use the exercise, too. She's getting a little sedentary. (Monkey see, monkey do.) It's surely going to strengthen my heart in the process. 

I'm venturing out today...first to Village Bead where I'm meeting my friend, Jonni Webb. We took a class there a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. We'll bead for a couple of hours, then go to lunch. In a restaurant! We're going to eat a salad at Signa's Grill in Ridgeland. They have great salads, and I can easily find one that fits the "allowed" choices on my food plan. 

After lunch, I'll go to the grocery. I'll have a full belly and I will be less likely to put more in my cart than I should. I'm going in with a list to help keep me on track. 

It's almost easier when the choices are so limited. But life offers us so many choices, every day, and learning how to make the right ones is part of the process.

I can do this. I will do this. 

Blessings to all who read this!

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