Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 3 of 21

I think I did this wrong.

Yesterday was Mardi Gras...Fat Tuesday. A day of debauchery and excess before the solemn 40 days of Lent. There was no excess and certainly no debauchery for me yesterday, as I sipped my special cleansing concoction all day. But that's OK...I'm two days ahead of the game!

A friend pointed out to me yesterday that it was appropriate that I be on this 21-day cleanse during Lent. Interesting correlation. Giving up something for Lent is a sort of penance, helping Christians get "right" before Easter. Lent lasts 40 days...this cleanse/detox is just 21 days.

In years past I've given up soft drinks for Lent, and I've attempted to give up sweets. But I haven't been drinking soft drinks--regular or diet--for several years now. As for sweets, I carefully measure out the four tablespoons of organic Grade B maple syrup that's called for in my daily drink. I can't imagine drinking the nearly two cups of lemon juice that's mixed with water and green tea. The maple syrup helps to support consistent and steady glucose levels to help support normal physiology. Sipping the drink every ten to 15 minutes provides the body with a steady supply of simple sugar that helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

Next week I'll be able to add fruits to my diet, which I'm looking forward to. According to the booklet that came with my detox kit, foods that increase detoxification include raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples and any other fresh or frozen fruit and 100% berry juices. Fruits to avoid: canned fruit packed in syrup, high sugar or artificial berry juices, oranges and grapefruit.

Oh, as for the lemons I'm using now--yes, they are fruit. But they are certainly not sweet. It turns out that many people who are seeking to support their metabolism have a slight acidic nature. Lemons and limes have an alkalizing effect on the body.

But there are other things besides food that can be given up for Lent. The idea is self-denial of some sort, and as you are missing that thing that you've denied yourself, you focus on the journey Christ made on his way to Calvary. Perhaps I should consider giving up being a couch potato for Lent. In other words...I need to get moving!!!

So, yesterday was fine...I did get up off the couch and I worked all day. I am used to breaking for lunch, and I did that yesterday, stopping to sip a cup of hot organic green tea. Today, which is day three of drinking the special "juice" only, I have a noon meeting. A lunch meeting. I will take my juice and sip it throughout the meeting and I'll do fine.

I can do this. I will do this.

Blessings to all who read this!

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