Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 4 of 21

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Larry has already joked about how he got me a big box of chocolates. Funny. Not.

I haven't had a bite of solid food in three days!!!

This hasn't been so hard. As long as I sip on the "magic juice" every ten to 15 minutes, I've been able to keep hunger at bay. I did go to bed hungry last night. Not too bad, but I really wanted something to eat.

Today, I can eat vegetables only. Oddly, the thing I crave most is steamed cabbage, followed by roasted brussels sprouts--two things I don't eat that much... but the truth is that I'd be happy to eat just about anything today!

So, what changes to I see after three days of drinking lemon juice, water, green tea and maple syrup? I can see the difference in my hands and feet. They don't look puffy. I had noticed in the past couple of months that my hands looked, well, fat. More often than not I could not get my rings on in the morning. Now they are loose on my finger. Larry says my face looks thinner. (Less puffy?) I was evidently carrying a lot of water  weight. Since this time last week, I've released ten pounds.

Knowing that I'm doing this under medical supervision of Kelly Engelmann at Enhanced Wellness is comforting. I know that this isn't just a way to get weight off, but I'm actually getting rid the harmful toxins that have been building up in my liver and elsewhere in my body. I'm making sure I retain the all my muscle mass (78.5 pounds of my total body weight is muscle) while losing fat.

Kelly uses the Core Restore detox system, and today I'll begin taking supplements from the detox kit, including two "shakes" made of the Core Support powder.

I've decided not to eat until lunch time, as I just can't stomach the thought of veggies in the morning, no matter how hungry I am! (I didn't wake up hungry, and I've already had a cup of hot green tea, so I'm fine...)

One day at a time!

I can do this. I will do this.

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. Kelly and Enhanced Wellness are great - been going for about two years !!