Monday, March 29, 2010

One more look back, then onward...

It seems whenever there's a big project, big event, or anything we generally look forward to with great anticipation, there's also a bit of a letdown afterwards...the event has come and gone and for a moment in time, there's nothing to look forward to...

I guess the best thing at this point is to look back...remembering what those weeks and weeks of hard work led to. I'm impressed how people pulled together to create such a magical event to raise money for arts in the schools. And I'm thrilled that there were some talented photographers--Cindy Poole and Kip Caven--on hand to capture images of the evening. Enjoy them below:
Nicole and Kamal King of the Frascogna Law Firm
Reviewing artwork for the live art auction...
Larry and I with friend, Jef Judin
Live music by great friends of Nicole's...
Nicole greets the crowd
Auctioneer Kelly Hogue with Josh, who is telling about his artwork
Joe's girlfriend, Emily White, does her best Vana!
This is how artist Anthony DiFatta sees Nicole
My friend Carol bought this in the auction and gave it to by Talamieka and Charles Brice
Cynthia Newland, Dean of the Belhaven Dance Dept., introduces the dance portion of the evening...
Belhaven dancers...choreographed by Nicole...
Part of the entertainment was a video on HOPE. That's Nic's personal care assistant, Caitlin, on the screen
Nicole's triumphant dance
She danced....
And danced....
And danced, with great joy and passion.

CBS News sent a crew from New York to cover the event. Correspondent Betty Nguyen interviewed us, and the story will air on The Early Show one day soon...they'll let us know when, so stay tuned for the big announcement. Admittedly, I'm a TODAY Show girl,so I have to get used to watching CBS in the morning. I was so impressed with their wonderful crew, and the producer, Paige, as well as with Betty, so I believe that watching the Early Show will be an easy transition for me. Betty has been at CNN for a long time, and just moved over to CBS. This is her first big story for the network. 

So now it's time to move forward...jump back into therapy and workouts with a renewed commitment to gaining even more strength, balance and coordination to get ready for the next big step, whatever that may be. 

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. So sad I missed such a wonderful time! So proud of Nicole...I know big things are ahead for her!

  2. WOW!! I can't imagaine the pride you must feel for Nicole. I, a complete stranger, am proud of her and her accomplishments and her daddy must be up to the brim with love and pride for your girl!! I anxiously await to hear when her story will air on The Early Show ...maybe I will just DVR all next week so I don't miss it!! She is very deserving - Happy Easter and as always thank you for your wonderful words and sharing your experiences with us out here in blogville!