Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nothing But Blue Skies...

It's the second day in a row where we've had rough weather at night into the early hours only to turn to sunshine and blue skies. I'm not complaining. Yesterday was nothing short of glorious. Rain all morning, then a preview of spring all afternoon and evening. Larry, Nicole and I all ate dinner OUTSIDE last night at Newk's. Daffodils are peeking their yellow heads out all over town and I've seen the red breasts of robins here and there. Dare I say, the coldest winter in my memory is history?

It's been a busy few days. My office project is DONE! I worked sunup to sundown and beyond Saturday putting things back, and creating a place for everything and now everything is in it's place. It's a wonderful feeling to be organized. I feel that I'll be able to work so much more efficiently. So, this is my "Command Central," where I write:
 It's still full of stuff, but only stuff I really use--including things which inspire me. And it really is a more controlled chaos. I've got books and supplies for my Southern Living at HOME business:
And a place for gift-wrapping and craft supplies, including a worktable:
Sunday, we went to Hattiesburg to see Megan Poole in the mainstage production of "Ragtime" with our friend, Beth Taylor. It was a wonderful show, and so good to see Megan in her premier show at USM.

I had another dose of theatre Tuesday night when I met up with some book club and networking group friends to attend a murder mystery dinner at Rosinni's restaurant. It was presented by Mississippi Murder Mysteries, and they do a fun job of incorporating murder and mayhem into a delicious dining experience. I'm proud to say, our table figured out "who done it," (it was Sam!). 

Yesterday was one of those full and fulfilling days that make me so happy. It started with a meeting at the new Beagle Bagel Cafe in Madison--just five minutes from my house, which is so nice. Then to the Beth Israel Congregation for the annual Sisterhood Bazaar. I met my mom and dad there and we got our fill of delicious Jewish food, served up by my friend Lisa Palmer! Brisket, stuffed cabbage, carrots, noodle kugel and blintzes with sour cream and strawberry preserves. The place was packed...we saw so many friends, and even made some new ones.

After lunch, I drove over to the MS Museum of Art for a volunteer enrichment session on the upcoming Herb and Dorothy Vogel exhibit. The Vogels are a very unassuming couple in New York...Herb has retired from a long career in the Post Office, Dorothy has retired from her job as a librarian. Together over the course of their marriage, the couple has amassed the most important collection of modern art in the world. They are avid art collectors, to the point that their apartment looked like the hoarder shows on TV. They donated the bulk of their collection to the National Gallery, but there were so many pieces--almost 5000--that they had to divide it up. They are giving 50 pieces each to all 50 states, and the Mississippi Museum of Art will be the recipient of 50 pieces for its permanent collection. The exhibit opens on April 10. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen the Jim Henson Exhibit, time is running ends March 14.

I spent yesterday afternoon on the Fondren Trolley, with other writers and photographers for PORTICO Jackson. We toured downtown Jackson with Captain Ron giving us interesting facts that I have to admit I had not heard before (I didn't know that Bailey School was a WPA project...). It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny spring afternoon, visiting with each other and learning more about the city. It was a great way to prepare for the special publication PORTICO will be turning out in June. 

Yesterday was a snapshot of why I love living here. It's "big city" enough so that there's always something fun and interesting to do, yet it's small enough for me to see people I know just about everywhere I go. That's a wonderful feeling. 

It's a day of deadlines--so I'm going to get writing now on some paying gigs. Thanks for popping in to read about our life...I challenge you to go out and make the most of this beautiful day!

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