Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a week!

I'm loving this week. Everything about it. So far, it's all good!

It's Thursday, and we're all still riding that high from Nicole's event Satruday night. Alot of money was raised for the "Ask for More Arts" initiative.

Sunday, Larry and I met up with my parents, sister Sarah, and Nicole for brunch at Que Sera. There's nothing like a seafood omelet and a spicy bloody Mary to wake up your senses. Afterwards, we enjoyed cake and coffee at my parents' house before going to take care of Roxie.

Monday was busy all kind of ways...writing, therapy, dealing with details of the event...

I spent Tuesday morning writing, then headed over to Lemuria to see authors Shellie Rushing Tomlinson and River Jordan, who were in town as part of their "Southern Wing and a Prayer" tour. They are two seriously funny women. Both are radio hosts, and both have written great books. We read River's book, "Saints in Limbo" in our book club. I bought Shellie's book,"Suck in Your Stomach Put Some Color On! What Southern Mama Tell their Daughters that the Rest of Y'all Should Know Too."  

By the time we listened to them, and ate lunch at Broad Street, it was time to go to my Tuesday networking group at The Alumni House. Thanks, Leslie, for the drink...I forgot I had given Nicole my credit card to go to the movies with Caitlin!

I spent all day Wednesday in a writer's workshop presented by author Glen Allison at the MS Museum of Art. There were 11 people in the class, inlcuding my book club buddie, Jonni Webb, and my MS Writer's Guild buddy, Lydia Dell, as well as another freelance writer friend, Susan Deaver. I was impressed with the others in the class, including 17-year-old DeScott, who is a junior at Murrah High School. He is an aspiring writer and took a day off from school to attend the workshop. If he's doing this kind of thing now, imagine where he'll be in the future. Our instructor, Glen, is an accomplished writer, with two mystery/crime novels out and more on the away. 

Aftwards, I headed over to La Canzuela to sit out on the deck in the beautiful spring weather and sip icy cold margaritas with my friend, Brenda. It was a great way to end the day...

Yesterday I've played catch up on some writing assignments...I'm thankful I have so many. In between writing and telephone interviews, I was out in the yard helping Joe. We were trying to make it look decent for Easter. The bar has been raised by our showy next door neighbors, who hired a landscaper. The crew was next door working all day with really good yard tools, while Joe and I had to be content with a dying lawn mower, manual hedge clippers and a rake. But we managed to trim up bushes, get the yard cut and bribe the garbage man into taking away all the clippings. The good thing is that when all the weeds in the yard (which I believe far outnumber the actual grass), are cut the same length, it looks decent. A couple of ferns on either side of the front door, a pot of assorted flowers, and it looks pretty good.

Except for the pollen. Which is everywhere. Clouds of yellow have enveloped our house. Roxie got out earlier today, and when she came back, she did one of those al-over dog shakes and yellow dust just flew out of her coat. It reminded me of Pigpen in a Peanuts cartoon. 

This morning will be spent in a manicure chair, followed by an afternoon volunteering at the Museum. All in all, a very nice week. 

I'm looking forward to a meaningful Easter weekend.

Blessings to all who read this!

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