Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Miraculous Dance


That's about all I can muster after last night.

I saw my beautiful daughter pull off the most amazing feat, and it thrilled me to my toes. Nineteen months after falling six stories off the roof of her apartment building in New York, Nicole was on the stage doing what she loves the most: Dancing her heart out! And it was amazing.

When she was in the hospital in NY, the walls of her ICU room were plastered with photos of Nicole dancing, courtesy of Josh. He took the most amazing photos of her in the months--weeks--before her accident. While she was lying in a hospital bed with a tube down her throat, the photos were reminders of who Nicole really is, and what she does. And in our minds, we all willed that for her again. We claimed it for her. I knew that someday, somehow, she'd dance again.

And last night she did.

To a full house.

And she got a standing ovation.


And she was surrounded by people she loved, and who have loved her and supported her so much throughout her journey. Mama and Papa Dale. Joe.Sarah. Carol. Brenda. Jef. Jacqui. Talamieka. Josh. Laura. Cynthia. And many of her therapists were there, including Charlotte, her first p.t. back at Select Specialty Hospital, who squealed with joy the first time Nicole moved her toes. I'm so grateful that she was there last night to see Nicole dance!

It was as big a "God is good" moment as you can find anywhere. And CBS News was there to cover it. And the story will be on the CBS Early Show--nationally--as soon as next week. I have a feeling very big things are about to happen in Nicole's life.

The CBS folks have been trailing Nicole for two days, and they spent the morning at our house yesterday. Correspondent Betty Nguyen even took some time to Wii dance with Nicole!
I've seen many dance recitals and performances through the years...but last night was different. It was a truly triumphant moment.

My heart is full this morning.

God is good!

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. Oh Susan, with tears in my eyes, I watched that beautiful girl "in her element" last night... What a joy it was to be able to watch her dance again!!! Brava!

  2. That's just wonderful. Nicole is so AMAZING. Im so happy

  3. She was amazing, and the whole evening was a delight. I was so impressed with everything -- the food, the art, the dancing. It was the perfect celebration of Nicole's journey -- and I can't wait to see the next chapter. I have the photo that shows her scar, and it will always be a powerful reminder of what's possible when you have the courage to persevere. Thank you again for sharing your family's experience with us.

  4. Oh how I wish Larry and I could have been there. We were there in heart and spirit but missed the true joy in the room. I am so happy it went so well and congratulations to you all, especially Nicole, for a job well done. Please give her a big hug and kiss from the Lukes.