Monday, March 22, 2010

Crawdads and Bellydancing

Good morning, sweet followers! I didn't write much last week, because frankly, things around here were pretty uneventful.

Until Thursday.

Things started turning around! Maybe it was my new haircut. I was feeling kind of sassy...

Thanks, Leslie, at KC and Company, for adding a little life to my coif! I was supposed to have it done on Tuesday, but I jumped in to help out my neighbor, Phyllis, who owns View Gallery in the Township. She went to Memphis on an art run, so I worked in the gallery all day. Loved be surrounded by all that beautiful art!

So, back to my 'do...I went to see Leslie on Thursday afternoon, and she cut and highlighted my hair, which just gave me a whole new lease on life! The weather was wonderful that day, so I drove over to the Fondren Corner building, where Josh and Jef were having a rooftop crawfish boil birthday party. There's nothing like sitting on a rooftop on a warm spring day, sipping on a cold beer and eating fresh boiled crawfish.
I left before the party got really cranked up...karaoke and such...and headed over to the "Ridgeland Rendezvous" festivities at View Gallery. My new friend Cissy was there, and she and Phyllis invited me to go to Fairhope, Alabama the next day. I accepted.

We left early Friday morning and met up with my other new friend, Cathy, to drive to Fairhope. It was a gorgeous spring day...and we had alot of fun just talking and laughing all the way to the incredible house where we stayed:

The house belongs to Phyllis's friend, Becke, who was so generous to let us come stay for the weekend.
We would have been happy just hanging in the house all weekend, but there was so much to do! We walked the couple of blocks into town and spent the afternoon strolling through the big arts festival there. It was alot like the Canton Flea Market, only the downtown area in Fairhope is much larger. It is an awesome town, full of the best shops, restaurants, and beautiful flower beds on every street corner. I was surprised to see so many people from the Jackson area there.
There was lots and lots of art, crafts, food, and people-watching, and we all enjoyed soaking it in...more than anything, it was nice being out in the beautiful spring weather with good friends. We shopped and ate and laughed all weekend. Joe and Emily came through Fairhope on the way home from their spring break trip to Destin and ate lunch with us on Saturday. There was also entertainment everywhere, including belly dancing on Saturday afternoon. If having a big belly is a prerequisite to being a belly dancer in Fairhope, count me in!

After a brutal storm Saturday night, we woke up Sunday to blue skies and another beautiful day, only to hear it was SNOWING in Jackson.

  Say what??????????  

The Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade was Saturday in Jackson, and it was beautiful for that, but the rain came in Saturday night, and it turned to snow on Sunday. Go figure. I didn't march in the parade this year like I usually do (I'm a QUEEN WRANGLER), but I don't regret it...having a nice, relaxing girl's weekend was an unexpected and welcomed treat! I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Nic's been busy preparing for "An Evening of HOPE" on March 27. Tickets are still available, but going fast, so get yours now and enjoy a magical evening!
Have a great week!

Blessings to all who read this!

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