Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

Oh my! It's cold outside, and the weather reports are frightening! Schools are closing and winter warnings are in effect. So much for living in the Deep South.

Joe called last night and said classes were cancelled at Holmes CC. He said the dorms were clearing out fast, with students heading home before the roadways freeze. He and Emily went to the home of one of Joe's suitemates. His parents have a large home just outside of Goodman, and several kids were going over there. I hope they are prepared to have a houseful of college kids for a few days!

On the homefront, I decided to make a Wal-Mart run late last night. Larry said there were lines at gas stations when he was driving home from work. I expected it to be bedlam at Wal-Mart. I was pretty much right. And the shelves were empty of the necessities I needed. There were NO bananas! For real...when was the last time you went to Wal-Mart and they were out of bananas? Probably NEVER. (Interesting fact: during a particularly boring time, I watched a documentary on Wal-Mart. The number one selling item in all the Wal-Mart stores in all the world is BANANAS!!!)  I was thinking ahead, because if we have an ice storm and our power goes out, we still have a gas stove (a blessing I'm very thankful for!). I can cook all kinds of things in the event of a power outage, beginning with a big pot of chili!

So I went to bed last night, expecting to wake up to a winter wonderland, and instead, woke up to temps in the mid-thirties (it's not freezing yet!) and rain. It's just generally yucky. But when the temps do dip below freezing later tonight, we will have a big mess, because the rain-soaked world here will freeze. I'm cold just thinking about it!

I spent the day with Nicole yesterday because her Personal Care Assistant, Caitlyn, was under the weather. First to physical therapy, then to work out with Eclecius, then to the "big" Methodist Rehab, then a little shopping therapy at Repeat Street. I was exhausted by the time we got home. Nicole's life is always a whirlwind of activity.

Caitlyn's back today, and I'm meeting up with Maggie Clark to go to a media luncheon downtown. Life goes on, despite the impending bad weather. I'll just be happy when we're all snuggled up back at home in front of the fireplace.

I just got some good news that my friend, Nell, may be attending the blogging conference with me next month...Yeah! The more I look at the agenda, the more I know I'm going to learn. And you, my faithful readers, will benefit! If you haven't registered as a "follower," feel free to do so, and any comments you care to make will be appreciated. It's the best way for me to grow and learn.

Think warm thoughts today!

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. hi susan, I have been a follower, a pray-er and a cheer-er for Nicole since the very beginning. I am not sure how I came upon her site but probably through Carrie M. on caringbridge. What a proud mom you deserve to be. She is one amazing woman. Along with praying for Nicole, I prayed for you. I am the mother of 2 beautiful young women (Alison almost 24 and Kaley 21) and I can NOT imagine watching them be in pain. I voted for you (alot) and hoped you would get the good mood gig and I for one am glad you are writing here. I enjoy and appreciate your perspective on things, your honesty and your good mood!!!! I also try to always be positive and content. I look forward to your blog every day and decided to take the time today, on my 50th birthday, to write and thank you for your words! OH - and by the way here in Minot ND the air temp is NEGATIVE 18 - that is without the wind chill which is about 50 below zero!! We got 26 inches of snow on Christmas day and 6 more inches this week. It sounds crazy doesn't it?? It is cold but the sun is shining and the snow is so sparkly and beautiful. I am planning a walmart run later today to pick up some pictures of my sweet 9 week old grandson :) so I will check on the banana inventory!! Have a great day!!

  2. It may be your birthday, but you've made my day! Thanks for your kind comment! I can't imagine it being so cold. We just aren't used to it here, and it's a wet, bone-chiling cold. And we just aren't equipped for it here. Good luck on your Wal-Mart run...get those bananas! And have a very happy birthday!!!