Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bob's got his wings...

This morning when I was coming home from driving Nicole to her workout with Eclecius, I saw a sad sight. It was the beautiful crane that I have been watching for several months, dead on the side of Highway 463. He must have gotten hit by a passing car. I had started looking for him near a marshy area as I drove up and down the highway each day. He always looked so stately, standing tall on his long legs. And to see him fly was such a treat. His wingspan had to have been three feet or more.

But today, those feathers were scattered by the side of the road, and as I passed by and saw his carcass, I cried. I was already a little weepy this morning, as a good friend of mine who also flew on a daily basis found himself grounded as well. I woke up to the sad news that Bob Rall, "Chopper Bob," had died in his sleep. I was stunned. I had talked to him a week or so ago, and he sent one of his trademark jokes on facebook New Year's Eve night. ("I just saw a dyslexic policeman writing tickets for IUD's.") Bob was a very intellegent, witty, compassionate man with a beautiful voice. He had spent nearly his entire career in radio before becoming the traffic reporter for WLBT-TV, flying above the skies of the tri-county area giving traffic updates to commuters. He went to sleep early last night to get back in his routine...it's been a couple of months since he's flown as the helicopter was in California for a "tune up." This morning, his wife, Elizabeth, woke up and realized Bob has passed during the night. Lucky for us, Bob has earned his angel wings while here on Earth, so we know he'll be looking down on us from Heaven. Rest in peace, dear friend.

I spent the better part of the day taking down the Christmas decorations in our house. The tree is naked and on the curb, but before I undressed it, I took a picture to remember it. This was the prettiest tree, in my opinion, that we've had in years. Thanks again to our friend Kathy who gave it to us! I can't honestly remember putting all that stuff out all over the entire house. It seems like every time I thought I was finished packing it up, I'd turn around an see an elf peeking out from a bookshelf, a snowflake hanging from a light fixture or a Santa Claus popping up out of a potted plant. Now it's all packed up for next year.

With the weather being soooooo cold, I decided to put some extra bird food out. Roxie was just going crazy watching them from her perch on my loveseat. I pulled up the bamboo blinds so she could look right out the window at the birdfeeder. I counted six different species of birds, several of each kind. They were so happy that I am helping to boost their metabolisms!

It's late, and I'm tired, but content. Joe is back in the dorm and starts classes tomorrow. He "survived" having his wisdom teeth out yesterday just fine. Nic has been out with friends, singing karaoke and having fun, and she's on her way home. Larry is home from work. "Law & Order" is on...a fire is burining warmly in the fireplace.

As happy as I am right now, I can't help but think of sweet Elizabeth Rall, who went to bed with the love of her life last night, and tonight, she'll go to bed alone. Life is fleeting, so we have to make the most of each day. Bob's death is a reminder for us to live each day as if it's our last. Live your life with no regrets and be thankful each morning that you awake to a new day.

Blessings to all who read this!

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