Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can you dig it?

So much of what I learn happens in gatherings of women. Last night, I attended two gatherings. The first was the bookclub I've been a member of for about five months. I've LOVED it!

The ladies in the bookclub call themselves the BB Queens, and they wear tiaras. From the beginning, that appealed to me. There are about 30 women in the club, from all professions and walks of life. It's a lively, interesting group. The group is a chapter of the Pulpwood Queens, based in Jefferson, Texas. A crazy redhead hairdresser started it all about ten years ago from her beauty parlor/bookstore. Appropriately, it's called "Beauty and the Book." There are now chapters all over the United States! Check it out at http://www.beautyandthebook.com/ These wonderful women have taken me under their wing and provided me with a monthly night out, which was sorely needed after the past year. They are even packing me up and taking me with them to Jefferson this weekend for the annual "Girlfriend Weekend," which is a conference for readers and writers. I'm particularly excited about the luncheon with author Pat Conroy on Friday. We read his book "South of Broad" recently and it made me want to visit Charleston, South Carolina really bad.

We had a delayed Christmas party last night, and played "Dirty Santa" with books from our own bookshelves at home. It was impressive to hear the squeals of delight when each book was opened. Cries of "I love that author!" or, "You're gonna love that book!" rang out. These women are READERS and they know their authors well. It's great to be around fun, intellegent women and I can't wait for our weekend getaway!

After the bookclub, I made it back to my own 'hood, where a new garden club has formed. I have lived in my house for 14 years, and in all that time there has been no garden club. Leave it to a newcomer to the 'hood to stir things up. Now we have a garden club, bunco group, day trippin' group, luncheon group...it's amazing how women love to get together for just about any reason!

I'm the program chairman of the garden club, and last night I was patting myself on the back after hearing Ben Profilet talk to us about things we can do to our yards now to make them more beautiful in the spring and summer. He "dumbed it down" for us when necessary, but again, the women in the group amazed me with their extensive knowledge of gardening. For awhile, it was almost a game of "stump the presentor," but I'll give it to Ben, he handled it well and in the end, he really knew his stuff. He has a passion for gardening that is contagious. I learned alot in the hour and a half I sat listening to the program (he could have gone on all night, and many of those in attendance seemed like they were ready to question him all night).

I'm so thankful that opportunites for knowledge sharing and idea exchanges exist here for me. From professional groups like the Professional Women's Association, to more informal groups like the BB Queens book club and the Whisper Lake garden club, I take something away each time I attend--not to mention the wonderful, supportive friendships that develop along the way.

Now I have to put what I've learned into practice!

Blessings to all who read this!

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