Monday, January 25, 2010

Every Step of the Way

On the six month anniversary of Nicole's accident, she performed in a dance at the Belhaven College Performing Arts Center. The event was "Tunes, Tutus and Turning Wheels," and the pieces involved both able-bodied and disabled dancers and performers. Her performance was the finale of the evening. The piece was entitled "Every Step of the Way," because it was Nicole's feeling that God  had been with her every step of the way throughout her journey. Cynthia Newland, dean of the department of dance at Belhaven, choreographed the piece based on Nicole's accident. Click here to see the actual dance performance (get's almost nine minutes long...)

I named my blog after that performance, as a reminder to me and everyone else that we don't walk alone.

Just for grins, I "Googled" Every Step of the Way, and it turns out there are several songs by that title. Santana has a beautiful instrumental piece, and the Monkees  (remember them???) have a song by that name. The lyrics eerily apply to Nicole's situation. In one of the verses, it says:

"Do ya wanna, do ya wanna, do ya wanna dance?

 Take a chance, baby, take a chance

 I'll be with you every of the way

 I'll even show you how to strut one day

 I'm with you (yeah, you) I'm with you

 Every step of the way"

Nicole's heading off to the Coast with Caitlyn (her fabulous personal care assistant) this afternoon for two days of speaking engagements at high schools there, which is great, because I have a heavy load of writing assignments this week.

I'll be posting my blog daily, so stop by and feel free to make a comment!

Before I sign off...I just have to say: How 'bout them Saints????!!!

Blessings to all who read this,

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  1. wow the dance was very symbolic of everything Nicole has been through. Very moving! She is beautiful! I enjoyed all 9 minutes of it! wow again! I would love to hear her speak sometime, although I doubt she will ever be in North Dakota - at least not in the winter. Your girls weekend looked like alot of silly fun with some real live learning along the way too. I have attempted to clean off my desk today and sort though some piles of OLD mail and newspapers. Why in the world do I save some of this stuff? Why not part with it the day it walks in the door instead of letting it set up shop in my office? Plenty of coupons I was going to use too that are now expired...sad but true....and a couple recipes for Christmas year....I should dust too but geez I don't want to over do it!
    Yes, I remember the Monkees and I am certain I had a poster of them in my room way back when...along with Bobby Sherman, Mark Lester, David Cassidy, Donnie Osmond (to name a few)....I do remember the sounds like it was written for Nicole! Have a great evening, Susan!

    Having grown up in Minnesota and a lifetime Vikings fan the game last night was hard to watch. Darn it anyway! I will cheer for your Saints - It would be a great thing for New Orleans- they deserve it!!

    Marla Rae