Thursday, January 28, 2010

Readin' and Writin'...

Words have been flowing into my brain and back out again through my fingers alot in the past few days. I've got a stack of books to read from my wonderful Girlfriends Weekend in Texas a couple of weeks ago, as well as the book club selection we will be discussing on Monday night. It's a fun read...The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells (the same author who wrote the wonderful "Ya Ya Sisterhood" books).
This book is different from her others. It's a little deeper, a little "darker," a little sexier but still lots of fun. To hear the author talk about the book, go to the Harper Collins website and watch the little video. Or just click on the link below:

I've also been reading Robin Robert's book that came out last year. It's her rules to live by...and since she's a pretty successful woman, I think she must have some pretty solid rules. We actually worked together--shared an office!--back in the early 1980's at WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg. I shared an office with Glenda Brundage in the morning. Glenda did the "Midday" show after the noon news, then left. Robin came in after lunch and worked through the 10pm news. She was in sports. She was rarely in the office, because she was usually off covering some high school basketball game or some other sporting event. Her book, "From the Heart, Eight Rules to Live By,"  is a quick read, and I really recommend it for high schoolers or those in college. I have the second edition. When the book came out, it was seven rules to live by...and the cover photo showed a healthy Robin with a head full of hair. The second edition was post-cancer, and she has a short hairdo, as she lost all her hair during chemo treatments. The eighth rule is "HAVE A REGULAR MAMMOGRAM!!!" and she's pretty serious about that one.

The writing I've been doing hasn't been as inspired, although the articles have been interesting. I wrote a series of medical/healthcare-related stories that will run in the MS Business Journal next week, and a FUN story about the uuber-chic apartment of Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson. They are the owners of the chi-chi-chi William-Wallace Salon. They used to live in the Fondren Corner Buildling, which was pretty cool, but now they are in the newly-renovated King Edward in a divine new apartment. You can see photos and read all about it in the March issue of PORTICO Jackson. (What? You don't subscribe to Portico? Quick! Hop over to their website and do so Right Now! And now, I'm writing my blog...feel free to leave a comment!

There's lots more writing on the horizon, thank God. I'm going to be covering arts stories around the state for be sure to log on to that every day! I am really excited about doing that, as I am a BIG supporter for the arts (about 25 or more pounds bigger now than ever before!!!!).

And speaking of the arts...there's a BIG event planned for March 27 at the Auditorium (in the old Duling School in Fondren)'s something Nicole is putting together to support arts education in Jackson Public Schools. It's going to be a wonderful event, and I hope you'll all want to go (only 200 tickets will be available...and I KNOW it's going to be a sell-out!).  Called "An Evening of HOPE," it's the kind of event that you'll leave with a guaranteed warm feeling in your heart. Tickets will be $75 each, but well worth it for a night of great food, entertainment, a live art auction and much more...start budgeting for it now!  By the way, kuddos to Talameika Brice, for the awesome job she did on this photograph and the incredible graphic design work. This is the start of the promotional poster that will plaster the metro area in a few weeks...I just love that my nekkid daughter will be seen all over town. (But she is beautiful, scars and all...)       
Blessings to all who read this!

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