Friday, January 8, 2010

Learning new tricks

Have you ever noticed that some people--most people--don't really like change? Humans are creatures of habit and there is a certain comfort in waking up every day knowing what to expect. But in order to grow, we must embrace change.

In my own life, change often evolves around food. When I think back to my own childhood, we didn't eat sushi and other things that are so common for us now. I think back to the first time I ate sushi. I was apprehensive, unsure, and almost determined not to like it. But a patient friend who had lived in CALIFORNIA (so she knew) helped explain the different types of sushi, and I tried several kinds to determine which I like the best. Now, I am a sushi afficianado! It's quite possibly my favorite thing to eat!

Technology is another area that challenges most of our lives. I actually have friends my own age who have no idea what to do with a computer. In my opinion, they are missing out on so much. I love the fact that I can Google just about anything (notice, Google can now be used as a verb). What's the recipe for a wedding cake martini? GOOGLE IT! What kind of bird is that outside my window? GOOGLE IT! Where can I find the best deal on UGG slippers? GOOGLE IT! And I do, all day long, whenever a question pops into my head.

All that technology is now available at my fingertips, with my new HTC Hero phone, which I may have mentioned before that I HATE. It's basically a computer that also functions as a phone. I can access the internet, check and send emails, go to facebook, and much, much more. Mind-boggling more. Hurts-my-brain more. I've already had friends who have given up--returned their Hero and gone back to their Blackberry comfort zone. But I'm determined to LOVE my Hero. I am going to go to the "how to use your Hero" class tomorrow. I guess I have to prove that this old dog can, indeed, do new tricks!

Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to be open to learning new things. I did that with my pal, Maggie Clark, just yesterday. We went to a very interesting lunch meeting yesterday where we were introduced to the future of news delivery system. We all know and understand television and radio newscasts, and of course, newspapers. But with broadcast, we are limited to have to tune in when they are broadcasting the news. You can read newspapers when you want, but there is a little bit of effort required--walking down the driveway or driving to the newstand--and the news is only updated one time a day.

Yesterday we saw a new news delivery outlet that will be available online beginning January 18. It's called, and it will be Mississippi's only dedicated online news source offering state and local news, as well as news about business, sports, religion, lifestyles, opinion, obituaries and daily audio broadcasts. One of the cool things about it is that anyone can create an account and submit content--press releases, articles, etc. It's something that's going to take getting used to, but I think it has great potential.

There is one change I don't think I'll ever get used's this coooooold weather. Wind chill is at 11 degrees now. I like our temperate climate in Mississippi. I like that I don't really need a heavy coat. I don't like feeling that bone-chilling cold that happens when I step out my door. I got a comment yesterday from a faithful reader from Minot, ND, where the air temp was NEGATIVE 18 and a wind chill of 50 below zero! And they have snow, snow, snow. (By the way, happy 50th birthday Marlarae!) I'm thinking that a warm beach sounds pretty good right about now!

The cold weather really does a number on Nicole. She has so much hardware up and down her neck and spine, and the cold weather makes all those rods and screws really cold. They are all touching her bones and muscles in her back, so it causes pain. The solution at home is a space heater in her room. She loves it. But when I open her door, it feels like a blast furnace to me! We have to be very careful, too, to be sure she wears heavy socks and slippers. While she can feel her feet, she is still lacking the sensations of hot and cold, which can really be risky. So when the floors are really cold, she can't feel that. And when the water in the bathtub is too hot, she can't feel that. She has had to learn ways around it. Thank goodness she's not an old dog and that she's quite willing to learn new tricks!

Stay warm everyone!

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. Hi! -18 was nothing compared to yesterday...the air temp was -26 as we traveled to Bismarck ND 2 hours south of here where they had -33!! That's cold even for those of us who are lifetimers to the cold climate. Today is a balmy +5. There are kids out sledding and playing in the snow everywhere and I saw several people taking down Christmas lights because "it's so nice out"!! Go figure. Yesterday while in Bis. for a our daughter's white coat ceremony (she is going to be a respiratory thereapist) we wanted to shop for a new vehicle but the cars wouldn't start because of the we could only look. Not quite the same as taking a new car on a test drive. Oh well, another day. My afternoon project is to take the tree down. We counted while putting it up and we put on 207 ornaments as well as antique post cards, popcorn strings and lights! Funny the poor tree can even stand! I just love antique glass ornaments and I can't part with any of them so as I buy more I just keep crowding them together! HA!! As a collector I love the cluttered look and my poor tree has no choice but to stand tall and proud. :o) I have never heard of an HTC Hero phone...I'll have to GOOGLE it! Make it a great day!

  2. I'm am so in love with antique glass ornaments! I have dozens of them and what I can't put on my tree, I pile up in big bowls. I have boxes and boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments. I also love all vintage Christmas decorations. One of my favorite things is my Fire King Egg Nog bowl and mugs! It's 21 degrees here today, and too cold for this Southern Belle to take down the decorations outside. We always say it's just tacky to leave them up past Elvis's birthday--which was yesterday!

  3. YAY for Shiny Brite!! AND I love fire king...I have an entire china cupboard full of jadite, turquoise and peach lustre fire king AND my kitchen is painted "grandma green" aka fire king green! Please tell me you love yard sales, auctions and flea markets??
    My tree is now nude and looking SOOOO sad.

  4. ohhh...Tacky swacky...Elvis wouldn't mind.

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