Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slow Down and Rock the Baby

When last I wrote, I shared photos of our sweet friend Courtney, who was about 12 months pregnant (I know. But I'm sure she felt that way!) Well I'm happy to say that precious Liam made an early appearance this week, almost a month early. This is just a wonderful event all around!

So, I guess Courtney going into labor was a good reason for her mom, Leslie, to miss out on a fun Wednesday evening. "Oma" missed out on a chance to rub shoulders with a talented Mississippi author, Neil White. Neil was once the owner/publisher of COAST magazine. Seems he got into a bit of financial trouble, got into check kiting, and ended up being sentenced to Federal prison in Carville, Louisiana. In addition to being a Federal prison, Carville is also the last remaining leper colony in the United States. Thrust into a world of characters he couldn't have made up on his own, Neil realized he was given an incredible story to tell. And he did, in his book "In the Sanctuary of Outcasts: A Memoir." 

Neil now lives in Oxford, but was in Jackson doing a book signing/reading at Lemuria. I met up with some book club buddies and new friend Susan Cushman (author of Pen and Palette, one of my favorite blogs!). After the signing, Neil and his wife, Debbie, joined us at Bravo! for a lively dinner. What a treat!

(Cherry Prather, Tippy Garner, Susan Cushman, and some old, fat redheaded woman with handsome Neil White!) If you haven't read Neil's book, go get it today and start reading! Our book club gave it a resounding thumbs up!

Random subject change: Last Sunday I was invited to the nicest event at the home of Ed and Marty Douglas, who not only have the fun Coffee News you read in restaurants, but are just generally nice and welcoming people. I was one of several people who went to see the beautiful daylilies in the yard across the street. Over five acres of them. We poked around in the daylily beds for almost two hours, then went back over to Marty and Ed's to eat.

Leslie and I are going back early tomorrow morning to dig some for our own yards. On the way back, we're going by Baptist to peek at baby Liam! 

Have you stopped to smell the roses--or daylilies--lately? Trust me, it's worth taking the time out of your busy life to simply slooooow down and enjoy the treasures God plops in our life. Courtney and Jason are about to find out that while the world is spinning all around them, nothing can be as important as holding, rocking, cooing over and loving their sweet newborn. Liam will force them to slow down and focus on what life is really all about. A good reminder to us all...

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. What an awesome blog today Susan. Thanks for sharing our little Liam with everyone. Stopping to enjoy the flowers is so important for everyone to do!

  2. One of these days I will be able to write a blog.I like reading about other peoples insite. (did I say that right).

  3. Wow! I knew that I instantly liked you when I met you, but now I really, really like you after reading just one blog! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your sweet words about Master Liam. That's what we've been calling him since he's kinda a big deal right now. ;) We would love to see you and if you and Oma really really love us you'll pick us some daylilies too.

    Love to you and yours!

    "Cricket", Master Liam Cael, & Jason McIlwaine