Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

I"ve been laying low lately...lots of work to do, which is a good thing because, like so many other folks these days, money has been tight for us. Being forced to live more frugally has been a good life lesson. Instead of spending money at the grocery store, I'm exploring my freezer, pantry and fridge. In doing so, I realize just how wasteful we've been. In cleaning and organizing the pantry I found four containers of mayonnaise, three of them opened. Jars and squeeze bottles, some full, some half empty.Same with mustard--we had three opened mustard containers.And three bottles of soy sauce (all low-sodium!). And I found lots of expired food. That really makes me want to kick myself in the butt! I HATE throwing away food!

Americans, overall, are really wasteful people. Since Madison began a recycling program a few years ago, I can't hardly throw paper of any kind away in the regular trash. I had to request a second recycle bin, because one never seems to be enough when they only pick up once a week. Boxes, junk mail, plastic bottles and jars--all go into my recycle bins. Because of that, we've gone from two garbage cans on the curb to one. That makes me feel like I'm doing a little something good for our environment.

As a freelance writer, I'm often on the telephone, interviewing people for stories I'm writing. I take notes on scraps of paper...all sizes and shapes. It makes for a crazy filing system, but for me, it works. And I don't ever have to buy note pads for home. I write up the sides of the paper, on the front and back and anywhere I can find a blank space. I know most people would look at that and wonder how I ever translate all that scribble into an article. I am amazed myself, most days.

Another area where I've noticed a good bit of waste is in the bathroom. I always love going into hotel bathrooms, mainly because they aren't cluttered with a lot of stuff. I get back home, and there are three different kinds of shampoo, a couple of conditioners, and six "flavors" of liquid soap cluttering up the shower. I'm determined to use what I have on hand until it is completely gone.

Honestly, I think we all have so much more than we think we's hidden away in cabinets, pantrys and other places in our homes, long forgotten and unused. And speaking of unused, I'm diligently cleaning out cabinets and closets and taking things I no longer use to Repeat Street in Ridgeland. They sell my stuff, I get a store credit, and Nicole goes shopping there, where she finds the most amazing things, like this red dress she wore when she gave a talk last week at a conference at Ole Miss:

You can't see it well because of the podium, but trust me, it was perfect, and she got it for FREE, because she used the credit from my discarded items. That's the ultimate in recycling if you ask me!

I get a daily message from a website called Sole Purpose Community, written by Beverlee Garb, an author, speaker and Life Purpose Coach. My message yesterday said: Susan, you've been cleaning out your past, looking at your present, and dreaming about your future. The Universe has noticed your efforts. You are not going crazy - you are truly being lifted to a reality in which you have never resided before. Keep up the good work - you will soon be rewarded.

I'm anxious to get my reward!! :-)

What do you have that you can/should use? What do you have that you can get rid of? Simplify your life and you can focus on other, more important things!

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. I started paring down my refrigerator & freezer (we're getting rod of it soon) after hurricaine Charlie. We lost all our food & I was amazed at how many duplicates we had in there.
    Good luck I know you will feel better when it's done.