Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Saturday Thoughts...

Saturday morning..I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, yet, I was up at the crack of dawn because Roxie wanted to go out. It's like having a baby all over again, but her main goal in life is catching either a bird or squirrel in the backyard. So it's in and out and in and out all morning.

Today, I can't say that I mind it all that much. I went to bed early last night. Sadly, I missed my 35th high school reunion last night at the Cherokee Lounge. I wasn't feeling 100%, and chose to stay in and rest. But thanks to Lyle Walker, I got to sit on facebook and watch as he posted picutres and video of the event. What I'm wondering is why he put photos of all those old people on there...and I'm wondering where all my high school friends were???  Actually, everyone looked great!
I think everyone looked great...the women were beautiful and the men all look so distinguished. Part II of the reunion is tonight. I'm going to try to make it. It's good to be around folks who have known you for so long. There's a history there that can't be found anywhere else. Go Lancers!

Things are quiet around here this weekend. Joey Joe has been studying all week for his final exam today in Anatomy and Physiology. He called a little while ago and told me he made a B in the class! He made a 100 on his muscle test on Monday. I think he's finally learned that hard work and dedication pay off in the classroom as well as on the football field. I'm so proud of him!

Nicole is in New Orleans this weekend, working as a production assistant on some television commercials. I'm sure she'll find some fun while she's there! Good for her...

All my chickens will come home to roost tomorrow, in time to celebrate my mother's birthday, and we're all looking forward to that. I'm going to treat the Louisiana gal with a meal of red beans and rice and bread pudding. We celebrated Father's Day with steaks last weekend, and now a birthday...I love having folks around my dining room table!

The International Ballet Competition is winding down this weekend. It's been two full weeks of dance, dance, dance, and Nicole has been in heaven. She's managed to make it to several nights of performances and she's spent hours on end as a rehearsal hall monitor. It's a job she's taken very seriously, and she's enjoyed it so much. To be so up-close-and-personal with world-class dancers from around the globe has been so inspiring to her. Nicole's more motivated than ever to work hard to make her body do more.

My friend Carol, from Nashville, will be coming to town this week. She'll be vacationing at her Uncle Jimmy's house in Brandon. Jimmy has a fabulous swimming pool, so I'll be taking a couple of days off next week myself for some cool pool time. Carol came down this time last year, and I took Nic with me to Jimmy's. It was the first time she had gotten in a pool since her accident. The boyancy of the water made it possible for her to walk across the pool effortlessly, which was fun to watch. She was barely off her walker on dry land, but in the water, she could walk across the pool and back effortlessly. It was so much fun to watch!

So that's alot of is good and I'm happy to have a little "alone time" to get some things done. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead...

Blessings to all who read this!

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