Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blanketed with Memories and Experiences

"What you talkin' about Willis?" Gary Coleman is dead.

So is Dennis Hopper.

And sadly, so is Aunt Mary, a sweet, wise woman who was 103 when she went to her final rest last week. Her memorial service is this afternoon. My childhood friends have come from Texas to lay her to rest. Hal, Gayden and Paul Scott all drove over for a family reunion-turned-memorial service. I'm sorry about the passing of Aunt Mary, but so happy I got to spend time with such long-time friends yesterday.

Hal came to visit me at View Gallery, where I was working for my neighbor, Phyllis. We talked about old times, and caught up on our lives. I met up with Hal and the rest of the gang last night at Keifer's, where we sat out on the deck, reminiscing, laughing and reconnecting. Gayden's two beautiful daughters, Jordan and Lauren, were there as well. Sometimes, life just hands you such sweet moments.

It's been a long, full week, but it was made a little easier after such a relaxing time last weekend. I went on a girl's weekend to a beautiful lake house in Carroll County, Mississippi with five fun, intelligent, creative women. We cooked, ate, laughed, kyaked, read, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. I had a Scentsy party there one night, and we discussed blogging. I shared what I know to help the others work on their own blogs. So it was a "working" weekend as well...but in a most spectacular place.
We ate like queens and our souls were rejuvenated, making it easier to take on life for another week. And in case you're wondering why I didn't put photos of these wonderful women on this's because it was a no-make-up, wear-what-you-want weekend...with a rule that we wouldn't take photos of each other! Even Cole, the dog, had a phobia of cameras. If one came out, he would hide under the bed!

On Wednesday, we celebrated the soon-to-arrive Liam with his mom, Courtney ("Cricket"). Jonni, Diane and I had a baby shower for Cricket and Jason, and now I think they're more excited than ever about Liam's arrival in late June (I'm betting he won't wait that long!)

So, it's fitting that I began this blog post with the passing of lives...and end it with the beginning of a new one. Life continues to renew itself...we have rites of passage, both good and bad, and they all help to weave the fabric of our lives. Like the super-soft blanket we got for Liam, all of us are blanketed in our memories and experiences. I'm thankful for the experiences and memories I've had this week and look forward to a great week ahead.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and please take a moment to remember what the day is all about.

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. I want a girlfriend weekend:-) And how are the asparagus, tomatoes and onions cooked?

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the memories of the fun times last weekend and at the shower. So grateful you are part of my life!