Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am NOT the Bad Guy!

Aaaaaaacccccckkkkk! It never ends.

I am NOT the Bad Guy.

 I do NOT want to steal anyone's fun. What I am is the Voice of Reason. The Sane One. The One Who Thinks Things Through.

That's a tough person to be, because it puts one in a very unpopular place. Excuse me that I put a damper on your fun because I consider all the facts and know that what you're planning isn't the best idea.

The reality is that all I want is what's best for everyone. But that usually translates to being a stick in the mud. I can't help it if I tend to review all the facts when making a decision...I want to see the big picture.

Notice a little frustration? A bit of resentment? I hate having to be The Responsible One, but if I'm not, I feel like the world as we know it may just tilt off its axis and God knows what will happen...

Now that I've gotten THAT out of my system...on to more pleasant thoughts. Well, never mind, because I may get in trouble for writing about the nice lunch I had today....I'm not sure what is sacred territory any more.
But I can tell you that I learned how to map out my financial goes a little something like this:

So, how about that World Cup? Cool opening ceremonies in S. Africa, and the Americans tied the Brits today 1-1. I know...I'm not a huge sports fan, but I heard about it and thought I'd throw it out there. My friend Sharla posted a good reason to watch. She is so insightful...

I have an empty house tonight...I think I'm going to watch a movie, and pray that the Voice of Reason has seeped into the brains of those around me.

 I really do just want them to be happy and have fun. I'm glad for tonight, it's just me, Roxie and some scrambled eggs.


Blessings to all who read this!


  1. OOH! I am famous ;)

    Funny you mentioned scrambled eggs. When I REALLY want someone to know JUST how much I love them, I will tell them I love them more than grits and eggs. Not a lot of people fall into that category for me. Grits and eggs are the ultimate comfort food for me. When I feel like the pits and will eat nothing else, I will never turn down grits and eggs. When my mom wants to show me that the world will not end at that moment b/c of the problem I am having, we discuss it over grits and egss she made. When I have had a horrible, no good, very rotten day, eating grits and eggs in bed will make it all better.

    I know your frustration. I am a fun person. But often I have to be the voice of reason and it sucks. I have been deemed a bitch on more than one occasion. But I also need others to be a voice of reason sometimes. While I may be madder than a wet hen to hear it, I will get over it and love the person for caring enough to tell me what I need to hear.

    So, go eat you some eggs and enjoy the peace and quiet. They will come to their senses. If not, give me their names. I will go kick some sense into them.

    Love ya!

  2. PS: Did you look at ALL the guy candy? I would not want you to miss even one of the 12. Yum yum.