Friday, April 9, 2010

Do You Need Some Help? last night was "Arts, Eats & Beats," the annual street party in Jackson's Fondren area. Stores, galleries and restaurants all stayed open on every street corner...and more people than the state fair. It was simply wonderful!

Here's my absolute favorite part of the evening:

Nicole was walking around the festivities--on her own--with no cane--doing her little drunk-looking shuffle. But hey, she was WALKING. And she did have on sensible shoes.

Nicole was talking to Johnny Bertram and a lady approached her and asked if she needed help. Nic said "no thank you," that she was fine. The lady said that she had been watching Nicole and really, she'd be happy to provide her with assistance if she needed it. Nic laughed and told her she wasn't drunk...she just walks funny.  The lady leaned in and told Nic that she had children who were addicts, and she'd be happy to help Nicole. At that point, Nicole pulled out her business card and gave it to the lady. Now, Nic's card has "You Can't Stop This Dancer" in bold letters on the front, and an x-ray of her back on the opposite side.

The lady took one look at it and said, "Oh. Nevermind," and she walked off...


Nic and I will be going to the St. Joseph High School Mother-Daughter brunch tomorrow morning at The Auditorium, where Nicole will be the featured speaker. She's also speaking next Wednesday at the Chi Omega spring meeting at River Hills Country Club.

Still waiting to hear the definite date on when Nicole's story will air on CBS. Until then, you can see some of her dance on her website:

Have a glorious weekend!

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. HA! At least she was trying to be helpful and not making fun of someone.

  2. Tippy, Huzband, and I saw Nicole at Fondren Corner and -- so we wouldn't frighten her! -- explained "we're friends of your mama." She was so gracious: told Hagar he was with two really hot babes, smiled, and shuffled along. God! What grace and substance. Thanks be. . .