Friday, April 16, 2010

A Day of Rest

I've been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger this week...dancing as fast as I possibly can. I'm really getting a little tired...

Monday I wrote and wrote...deadlines were upon me. I got my articles written, then had to hustle to get ready for a house full of women. It was time for my Scentsy launch. What is Scentsy? It's my new seems I'm always hustling...always looking for a way to make an extra buck. This is a fun way to do it. Check it out here. Margaritas and pulled pork and lots of fun folks made it a great evening. Thanks, Anita, for coming over from Birmingham to help make my launch party such a success!

Tuesday was Eudora Welty's birthday! The more I'm around writers, the more I appreciate them...and the more I write, the more I am able to get into their heads. I had the honor of taking a group of women from my neighborhood--the "Day Trippers"--to Miss Welty's home in Belhaven on Tuesday for a tour. If you've never gone, you need to...and you need to tour the beautiful gardens. She lived a fairly modest, simple life. She wrote all her works on a manual typewriter, until her arthritis got too bad, then she used an electric typewriter, which she hated. All her many awards were found in a closet after her death, including her Pulitzer. We were fortunate to have my friend Ann Bittick as a tour guide...she is very well versed in all things Welty. After the tour, we sat on Miss Welty's side porch and ate birthday cake.

On Wednesday, Nicole and I went to the River Hills Club where she was the guest speaker for the Chi Omega spring luncheon. Yep...she made a room full of grown women cry...

Yesterday kicked my thing after another all day long. It started with a networking meeting at River Hills, then on to Methodist Rehab for a promotional photo for the upcoming Walk & Roll event. Then on to a meeting of the Jackson Advertising Federation (now American Advertising Federation of Jackson). It was time to present the annual Silver Medal award, the highest honor the club bestows upon a member. I received it several years ago, and it was one of the most exciting days of my life. Yesterday the award was presented to Peter Marks, who was the third generation in his family to be honored. His dad, Sutton Marks (my former boss from way back in the day...) presented the award. Then I had to rush home and file tax extensions--no time for Uncle Sam today! I ended up the day at the USM Founder's Day dinner at the Capital Club. As president-elect of the alumni board, it was important for me to be there. The University's president, Dr. Martha Saunders, spoke about "budgets, building and birthday celebrations." I'm amazed at what's happening on that campus. It makes me want a "do over!"

So today, I'm going to stay home for awhile...doing a little house cleaning...doing some writing...and not getting in my car at all until this evening...I'm going to the opening of the Crossroads Film Fest and then hopping over the the Ask for More Arts reception at the Arts Center downtown.

I'm thankful for a wonderful, full and fulfilling week...but I'm ready for a long, slow relaxing weekend...we'll see how that pans out...

It's great to have alot going on in my life--but sometimes it's just too much. I have to focus on what's important and not get stretched too thin, or then I won't be able to do anything well. Do you ever get overwhelmed? If so, how do you handle it? I'd love to read your comments!

Blessings to all who read this!

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