Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Lizard Love

It's that time of year when you just want to bust loose! All that nesting for winter seems confining now. With the beautiful weather we've had for the past few weeks, the urge to throw back the curtains and open the blinds is just too strong....

But then it hits me...dirty windows. And all that sunshine coming in magnifies the fact that floors and furniture are dirty. Hmmm....good thing I seem to have a burst of energy in the spring! I've been a cleaning fool lately!

Nicole was even in the cleaning mood yesterday. Caitlin came over and the two of them did  alot of work in her room. So much of her life has been stored in boxes, up in the attic, since her accident. All her stuff  from her apartment in NY was packed away, and she's been surrounded with things she's received since her accident for months. Nice as everything is, it really isn't her...and they are reminders of a tragic event in her life. So, out with the old in in with the older....she has now filled her space with the things that remind her of who she really is, and I can tell that has added a little spring to her step!

The piece the CBS news did on Nic still hasn't aired. She got an email from the producer yesterday that said:

 "So I hate to say this - but your CBS News debut has to be pushed back a week. Betty has another story on this week that is pegged to a news event, so because yours isn't it got bumped to next week. But the plan is for it to air Monday. So rally the troops, set the DVRs, get out the popcorn and prepare yourself!I'll be in touch with a more exact time when I know it. Cool?"  

I'm not sure about popcorn so early in the morning, but set those recorders!

Another great thing about spring is being able to leave the back door open so that Roxie can run in and out on her impossible squirrel hunt. The squirrels taunt her to no end...but she loves running after them. When Joe and Emily helped me clean the patio, Emily cleaned and filled the birdfeeder I keep outside my keeping room window. The birds have found it again, and I've enjoyed sitting on the loveseat inside and watching the birds so close up, but it makes Roxie crazy! She will sit inside, watching the trees for movement, then runs outside to try to catch the elusive wildlife.

In the middle of it all, the beautiful chameleons have been active, running up and down the brick columns on our patio. We jokingly called it the "Lizard Lounge" last summer. We took a break from cleaning yesterday and saw that a couple of the lizards were getting a little frisky, enjoying a little lizard love...'s a good time to clean out a home, clean the cobwebs out of your mind and to celebrate love, anywhere you can find it! 

Blessings to all who read this!

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