Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Blessed Easter Weekend

I'm finding it hard to make time to write this blog daily, although it's something I enjoy doing so much. It's time to reexamine my priorities. I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to "have my house in order" before starting a new project. My problem is that I wake up and check emails before writing...and my inbox is always full every morning...as in over 100 spam emails that I have to weed through, because it's not all spam, and about as many regular emails. I have got to get off so many email lists...by the time I answer emails, delete emails and read a joke here and an inspirational passage there, I've eaten up the first hour or more of my day!

I got in the habit of writing Caring Bridge the first thing each morning when Nicole was in the Neuro ICU at NY Presbyterian. I would wake up around 5am, get ready for the day, get coffee and a bagel (they really are better in NY!) and head to Nicole's room to see how she did through the night, and to talk with her neurosurgeon, who made his rounds around 6am. Then I'd settle in for the day in my little corner behind the head of Nic's bed and type up my Caring Bridge entry. I knew that many people "back home" started their day by reading about Nicole's condition on Caring Bridge. If I was late writing it, or--heaven forbid--missed a day, people would panic, assuming something was wrong.It was a release for me to write about Nic's condition. It was a vital link to her for those who couldn't be with us in NY. People became very intentional with their prayers, which I saw answered daily. After writing my daily post, I'd spend the rest of the day checking back in and reading all the comments people made on the site. Those comments really sustained us, lifted us up and kept us going.

People read the entries because they cared about Nicole, about us, and they were caught up in the drama of it all. I mean, it was the most amazing story, and as she recovered and began her journey towards rehabilitation, folks prayed her on...and cheered her on...and it energized us all.

Well here's the latest update: over two weeks walking without a cane! It's one step at a time, and yes, He's still with us all, every step of the way!

We've had a fun few days...on Saturday (a glorious spring day!), Brenda called and asked Nic and I go take a little road trip to Louisiana. It seems the Lottery was over $100 million! So off we went, driving in her swanky Jaguar, across the Mississippi River Bridge and into Louisiana. We pulled into Daquiri World (which should have been called Daquiri Shack!) to purchase our Lottery tickets.

 It was the most interesting place. A biker bar, pretty much, but with the most diverse group of people coming and going, all hoping to find their fortunes in the numbers on the pink slips of paper they were purchasing. And wouldn't you know it--Nicole ran into an old friend...a surly biker dude clad in a black leather vest and steel toed boots. "Badass Billy" she called him...and she invited him to join us.

 Billy, it turns out, is a CFO of a production company Nicole used to work for. Suits during the week, biker persona on the weekends! He bought her $20 worth of Lottery tickets, which made her day.
And together, they were thrilled to see that there was plenty of 'Skynard on the jukebox!

It was a great way to spend a spring afternoon. That Brenda comes up with some good ideas!

Easter Sunday found Nicole and I on our own for most of the day...Larry was working and Joe went to church with Emily. We decided to go to Easter services at Mayes Lake, where The Journey (a non-denominational church that some of Nicole's friends attend) was holding a Baptism in the Pearl River. We started with a picnic, then enjoyed watching the children have an egg hunt. Afterwards, everyone made their way down to the river bank for the sermon and Baptisms. Five people were cleansed of their sins during the service. It was very moving, and a wonderful way to spend our Easter Sunday.

We were blessed by being there.

The day ended on the patio at home, eating good ol' grilled hamburgers with Mama and Papa Dale, Larry, Joseph and Emily, Nicole, and her great friend Christy. It was wonderful sitting outside, celebrating Easter, celebrating spring and celebrating family.

I feel especially renewed and blessed!

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. Beautiful story ~ pretty (awesome) people! Thanks for blessing readers with your sharings.