Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a Big, Big, Big Blog World

I'm totally overwhelmed.

 But I'm determined that this old dog is going to learn some new tricks! I learned so much at Blissdom, the blogging conference I attended in Nashville last weekend. And the number one thing I learned is that I have so much more to learn!

I got a handful of cards from the many bloggers who attended the conference. Tonight I've been visiting their blogs. Many of them are seasoned bloggers, which means they've been blogging two or more years. As they kept saying at the conference, "we are still in the pre-game."

Good to know.

I guess I'm still in the pre-game on my office project. I had good intentions today, but they took a nosedive. A 9:00 planning meeting for the Taste of Mississippi event benefitting Stewpot was moved to 9:30. I didn't get the memo...drove downtown from Madison and back for nothing. Oh well...I got to catch up with an old friend on the phone while I was driving, so that was good. Then it was up to Madison to meet with Nic's Voc-Rehab councilor. (The Mississippi State Dept. of Rehabilitative Services is a state agency you probably wouldn't know much about unless you are in a situation like Nicole's. They are a great agency, and they do so many wonderful things. But, sadly, budget cuts will soon be affecting Nicole. Programs she's benefitted from will end at the end of this month.)

By the time I got home it was lunch time...and nap time....(I didn't see that one coming!). Then a little writing, and it was too late to start The Big Office Clean-Up and Organizing Mission.

So, early to bed and I'll be up bright and early to get busy on my office. The thought of what lays ahead for me overwhelms me as much as the whole blogging world does. But I'll wade through it. I may be overwhelmed, but I'm not intimidated. I'm motivated to be organized and to learn...I'll be able to accomplish so much more!

I'll chronicle the whole process with photos and details in this blog. Maybe it will help motivate you to do the same!

I'm curious...am I the only one, or is there anything that overwhelms you too? Please feel free to share in the comments section. And if you haven't registered as a follower, please consider doing so.

Blessings to all who read this!

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