Friday, February 26, 2010

Detox Camp--Graduation Day!

This is the last day of my week-long detox camp! I almost made it all the way through without cheating....almost.

I had a meeting last night with the past presidents of the Jackson Advertising Federation. It was a real who's who of Jackson's advertising community for the past 30+ years. I'm still in awe to be a part of that group. I was active in that club for many, many years and learned alot about what I know today from the great speakers and programs we've had over the years. Not to mention the great relationships I've made.

What does that have to do with my detox diet?

Well, we met at 6pm at the Capitol Club downtown, and they had an open bar and a spread of food. I couldn't fathom drinking a glass of water with that particular I ordered a glass of pinot noir. I passed on the hot artichoke dip and chips, mini hamburgers and other ::bad:: food and went, instead, for the crudite...slices of fresh bell pepper, cucumbers and carrots. No dip, please. Just the veggies.

Not too bad...the wine was not allowed, but I sipped it over the course of our hour and a half long meeting when in the past, I would have had two glasses of wine during that time.

But then I went with Gene and Maggie to dinner. At The Mayflower. Where redfish is sublime. So, I ate the redfish and a salad. NO bread (and they have the yummiest rolls ever!). I had water to drink, and also ordered a cup of hot tea...realizing halfway into it that it probably had caffeine. So I only drank half of it.

And it was good! I don't think I did too bad, all things considered. I had one glass of wine and one piece of fish that was not allowed, six days into a seven day detox. So far, my body hasn't revolted.

We'll meet at the YMCA again tonight for our Detox Camp celebration meeting. Several of us have decided to extend the detox another week. If I feel this good after six days, I can only imagine what it will be like after two weeks. Plus, I've actually dropped a few pounds this week. Four to be exact. That's a start...

I got big news this morning when I opened up my emails. If you've read the article in PORTICO this month, or followed Caring Bridge back when Nicole first had her accident, you know about the doctor I sat next to on the plane from Jackson to Baltimore as I was trying to get to New York. Dr. John Sampson is a Jackson State graduate, and a doctor at Johns Hopkins. He was a godsend, because he told me what I could expect when I got to New York, and he was instrumental in getting Nicole moved from Harlem Hospital to New York Presbyterian--the best place on Earth, I believe, for someone in her condition. He also "coached" me, telling me that my role was to be Nicole's advocate--a role I took very seriously.

The big news is that we will see Dr. Sampson this weekend. We've stayed in touch, and he will be in Ridgeland for his grandmother's birthday. We are going to meet up again, but this time, I won't be so frantic. And he will meet Nicole for the first time. I'm super excited, because I believe he was one of the many angels God sent to us to make this journey easier. Every step of the way.

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. I am just loving your blog! Can hardly wait to hear more about Detox. Please give Dr. Sampson a big ol' hug from me! He is truly a gift from God!

  2. Susan, I would not have passed up fish at the Mayflower either. I went networking last night myself and got a glass of wine too. It was really cheap red wine and was absolutely awful, so after that first sip, I just carried it around so that I would have something to carry. I really wasn't tempted by the meatballs and other bad foods.

  3. I am so excited for you! That will be so awesome to see him again. I have wondered if you stayed in touch with him.
    Congrats on all your hard work this week. I made it 5 days on my organic diet before I crashed and burned. But that chicken snadwich from BYB was worth it.

    Love ya!

  4. You've taken me through a week of D-Tox; thank you! This week's been insane for me, and I feel like I've been riding a yo-yo! So special thanks for the motivational blogs. I've had peasant soup and my last pizza slice (for a while); must finish house cleaning; and will run some errands...Congrats on your success! Today i found a 1977 photo of me; I want to be THAT Girl again! Will D-Tox do it? ? ? ?

  5. Thanks for your comments on the detox diet posts! It really wasn't hard, and now I feel like I've got more energy...which is a good thing because I'm about to tackle my office!