Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Detox Camp--Day 5

I'm getting leaner and cleaner by the minute. I can actually feel my body getting healthier! I've been without caffeine, meat, dairy, fish, msg, wheat, and who-knows-what-else for five days. And so far, so good!

In case you missed it, I've been going to the YMCA Weeklong Detox Camp. It started Saturday morning and runs through Friday night. And I'm very very very proud to say I HAVEN'T CHEATED ONE BIT!

That's because this has been pretty easy. And the food is actually very filling. Oatmeal for breakfast. Sweet potato or rice and beans for lunch, roasted veggies and fruit salad for dinner. And lots and lots of hot herbal tea and water.

I don't know if I could keep this up for the long term, but I can probably do this 75% of the time after I'm done with this detox. I've eaten out twice already, and that hasn't been an issue at all. I had sauteed veggies at Aladdin (no rice, because they serve white rice), and I had the rice and bean bowl at Rainbow yesterday. They were smoked kidney beans with sauteed onions. Actually very, very tasty. The side salad was yummy, too.

The only thing I've slacked on is the Yoga...I'm supposed to do 4 to 5 "sun salutations" a day...downward facing dog and cobra poses, etc. And we're supposed to stop and really breathe, concentrating on our breathing. Turns out that deep breathing increases your metabolism! I'm doing it the best I can, but my mind seems to wander alot. I do better in a classroom setting with our instructor, Jacklyn, talking us through it in her calming voice.

I had no time for downward facing dog poses or anything else yesterday. I took over for Caitlyn (Nicole's personal care assistant) yesterday and that was workout enough. Drop off a music CD at Belhaven College. Go to a meeting at the Fondren Corner Building. Head to the Convention Center for a dance performance (part of a Disability Partnership conference). Hurry to lunch at Rainbow. Go to an appointment at Methodist Rehab. Afterwards, visit with a new patient there (shout-out to Sarah Alexander--rock your therapy today!). Go work out with Eclecius. Stop by Len Stanga's to pick up a gift (Incredible! More on that later...). Back home...cook my detox dinner and collapse! Nicole's days are so full and busy, I could hardly keep up!

I meet with my detox group again this evening, so I'll get today's Yoga session in while I'm there.

I believe this detox diet is a good idea for anyone who wants to get a clean, fresh start before doing some serious dieting, or simply before embarking on a new adventure. I'm healthier and have more energy already.

Have you ever done a detox diet? Would you consider doing one? I'd love to hear about your experience or desire to try.

Blessings to all who read this!

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