Monday, August 2, 2010

Group Photos

If pictures say a thousand words, then what do the upteen photos on my facebook page say about me? People tag me in photos all the time, and there they are, for the world to see. Me, living my life, captured by someone's camera. Or phone.

I started going through the photos (I'm restless tonight..can't sleep...more on that later). I realized there are alot of group photos of me. Which made me realize how many groups I'm in, and how very different they all are. Ahhhh...diversity is the spice of life!

I've always loved group photos. What kind of groups people are in say alot about the individual. My earliest group photo was probably this one, which was back in the second grade:

Now, can you imagine how difficult it was to get 17 7-year-olds to sit on their sides long enough to take this photo? (How I wish I could figure out how to rotate this, but I can't, so just tilt your head to the left and you'll see me, the third from the left on the bottom row.) This could also be called the Tooth Fairy club, as all of us probably had some shiny quarters in our pocket from all the teeth we were missing at the time this photo was taken!

Just recently, I became a member of a new group. Honorary Chicks. And we were celebrated at the annual JFP Chick Ball. There was Beth Poff, director of the Jackson Zoo, and Julie Skipper, the guru of all things downtown Jackson, state representatives, attorneys, reporters, sales reps, CEO's, store owners, art museum directors, physical therapists and other community leaders. To be included in this group of women is a big honor indeed, but I was most honored to be celebrated alongside my daughter as lifetime "Chicks We Love." That made it all the more special!

Something I noticed when going through all the photos is that when chicks get together to celebrate just about anything, the main fashion accessories are boas and tiaras.
Here I am (in the green fur trimmed cowboy hat) posing with some Sweet Potato Queen Wannabees from Indonesia at the annual Mal's St. Paddy's Day parade. My posse is wearing the hot pink shirts...we are the Queen Wranglers, and it's our job to keep those Wannabee's moving at the right pace. You try it...
See, more boas! This is what happens when a group of women are set free on a weekend in Texas. It's the bookclub babes at the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend. Don't ask...
On a more "sane" night, at our regular monthly bookclub meeting, there may be a boa here or there, but check out that corsage on Johnnie, the lady in white on the far left. That's her NAME TAG! Hard to tell in this photo, but there are a few tiaras being sported as well. And no, I'm not in the picture--I took it.

And when we get together for a cookout...we travel in style!

I have pals who will wear tiaras while out on a junkin' are a few of them!
Here's a fun high school graduation class at our 25-year reunion. I'm front and the black ourfit. I know....I was sooooo skinny (everyone skinnys up for their 25-year reunion. But I saw the photos from the 35th...and no one is that concerned any more!)
See, me in 2000...wearing a big shirt because I felt too fat...
And me in 2010...hiding behind a chair because I know I'm too fat. (But don't Nicole and Megan look cute? be young again!!!)

Another group I'm a part of harkens back to my college years...

It's the Central Mississippi Chapter of the University of Southern Mississippi Alumni Board. I'm president-elect, and part of what I do is attend the annual banquet and visit with some of our distinquished alumni.
At our annual board Christmas party, we collected things for Toys for Tots.

But my favorite group to be a part of is one of my own making. It's the group I'm most proud and most grateful to be a part of.

I'll be in another group photo next weekend when we gather in Monroe, LA for the Beebe Family Reunion.

Oh, and the reason I'm restless? Nicole is moving out tomorrow. We moved alot of her stuff today, and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I should be dead on my feet, but instead, my mind is going 90-to-nothing. I'm so excited about her big move to Belhaven. It's a triumph after all she's been through the past two years, living in hospitals for six months and then in the room she grew up in for another year and a half. I know she's ready, but the mama in me can't help but be a bit concerned. Will she get along with her roommates? Will she be safe? Can she manage on her own? I've let go of her before, and her wings got clipped. But she's two years older, alot wiser, and stronger than ever. She'll be fine.

Empty nest...get ready!

Blessings to all who read this!

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