Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's Rising!

When you dream of a dream, know it won't be easy
Taking plenty of chances, fortify what you believe
Keep moving in the right direction
Finding the ultimate connection
Asking and receiving, what you are ready for

You'll be rising!
For more!

When you wish with all your might
Let your imagination take its flight
When you hear the voice my child
Increase your stride
Let go of intimidation
Trust and inspire
Then you will see the light

You'll be rising!
For more!

Hold it down my people
Don't give up
Letting go
Keep moving forward
Andi if you fall
Know that you can rise again
Rise again, keep your understanding
Oh, learn from your mistakes
Oh, it will come, it will come
It will come and you'll see
You'll be rising!!!

Those are the lyrics of the cover song of the wonderful new CD by Eclectik Soul called "Rising." They previewed the CD Friday night at the historic Alamo Theatre on Farrish Street in downtown Jackson.

Funny how life brings things full circle. When Nicole returned to Jackson following he accident, she was in Select Specialty Hospital for almost a month. Her occupational therapist there was an angel named Tarah Stewart. Tarah noticed Nicole either had music playing in her room, or that Nicole was singing almost every time she came to work with her. One day, she brought in a CD and said that her husband, Greg, was the drummer in a group called Eclectik Soul. We popped it in the laptop and we all instantly loved it!

Fast forward to Friday night. Greg wanted something BIG for the finale of the concert. That is when they were going to play "Rising." Well, every time Tarah heard the song, she thought of Nicole and her miraculous recovery, and she suggested that they ask Nicole to dance to the song.

So...you guessed it! Friday night, nearly two years after her accident, Nicole was rising back up again on the stage of the Alamo!

It was a fun night, with some great music! By the end of the evening, Nicole had Jello legs she was so tired. Before coming to the Alamo, Nicole had a gig as a 'Celebrity' judge for the Mississippi Opera Association's 'Dance with the Stars' event at the Old Capitol Inn along with Kathy Thibodeaux of Ballet Magnificat and David Keary of Ballet Mississippi. It was a long evening, but she did it. I think the song fit Nicole perfectly...she is certainly rising!

My son, Joe, is rising too...he's back in school and preparing to go to occupational therapy school soon. People like Tarah and Stephanie and Ashley, who are some of Nicole's outstanding therapists, have inspired Joe. I think he'll do well in that field. He's grown into such a sensitive and caring young man, and he's witnessed the importance of people in that line of work and what a difference it can make in people's lives. Nicole is independent again thanks to the therapy she's received. I believe Joe will make that same difference in the lives of his patients one day. And his girlfriend, Emily, is going into nursing, so how perfect is that??

As he pursues his career, Nicole is pursuing her career in motivational speaking. As a matter of fact, she'll be heading to Silver Star in Philadelphia tomorrow to speak at the Rehabilitation Association of Mississippi conference. She'll do a keynote address tomorrow and conduct a breakout session on Thursday.

Forgive me this proud mama moment, but for now, I'm just as pleased as I can be with both of my children!

Blessings to all who read this,

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  1. And blessings to the whole (pun intended) Marquez Family, too! Great stories, all.