Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is a Cabaret!

What was supposed to be a hurricane ... tropical storm ... tropical depression ... rainy weather has come through this morning. There is nothing as wonderful as a lazy, rainy Sunday morning. Steaming coffee, a good book, and Roxie laying her head in my lap. Until there was a thunderclap, and she started shaking, and panting, and drooling all over me. Oh well...

It's been a delightful weekend so far. Yesterday I was struck with the desire (!) to clean out my closet, so that was good. Cleared out alot of stuff to take to Repeat Street. And to Goodwill. It's nice to walk into a clean, organized closet for a change.

Last night I got all gussied up to go to Hal & Mal's for the annual Chick Ball.

The Jackson Free Press created the Chick Ball in 2004 for two reasons: to raise education about and money to fight domestic abuse in Mississippi; and to showcase women musicians and artists to a diverse audience. This year, they decided to have some "Honorary Chicks," and Nicole and I were selected as "lifetime chicks." And honored we were! There was a private reception for us (called Chick-a-Boom) prior to the big event. Lots of good food, laughter, friends, great music and a wonderful silent auction with lots and lots of really good stuff.

This morning, a show I taped a few weeks ago aired on WAPT. It's called the WHOA show (Women who Hear, Obey and Act on God's word). The host is the bubbly Laine Lawson Craft. I met Laine at a monthly ladies' group I go to called Brown Bag Bible Buddies. We meet for lunch at Biaggi's (but they have other meeting places around town, too) and there's always a speaker who shares her testamony. Laine is a little powerhouse of energy, and she has started WHOA Ministries, which includes WHOA magazine and the WHOA show. I wrote an article for this month's issue of the magazine--the whole issue is on forgiveness, and my article was about how I had to forgive God for what I percieved as his ignoring my prayer to be with and protect Nicole. In the end, I had to ask for His forgiveness, for I let myself doubt Him. I pretty much told that same story on the WHOA show. You can see the show and read the magazine article by logging on to the WHOA Ministries' website.  (And by the way, I still say the same prayer for both Nicole and Joseph each night, and I trust fully that God covers them!)

It's a busy writing week ahead. I've been writing more than ever lately, for magazines, business journals and newspapers. That's a good thing! And I've been busy working on some things concerning Nicole's motivational speaking career. She's ready to launch that full force, as it's time for her to make her own way again in this world. If anyone needs a strong motivational speaker for their annual meeting, organization, association, etc. please consider hiring Nicole. She'll definitely move folks with her message of motivation, perseverance and hope. (Plus, she has plenty of experience--a degree in theatre and over 27 presentations since her accident!)

My next big event is in the same place, same time: Hal and Mal's next Saturday night, when we'll be guests of Cindy and Megan Poole in the "Kit Kat Club's VIP section" to watch a production of Cabaret! I've heard it's wonderful, and can't wait to see it. And to get in the spirit of it all, Nicole came up with this outfit:
Actually, this was a photo shoot for an art project that Talamieka is doing for an upcoming juried art show. The theme is--you guessed it!--Cabaret. It's for the 5th annual Storyteller's Ball--The theme is "Life Is a Cabaret: Broadway Magic." The annual fundraiser benefits the Greater Jackson Arts Council.

Life really has been like a cabaret lately. Fun, full of surprises and happy!

Blessings to all who read this!

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