Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's on again! Off again! On again! Off again!

CBS news did a piece on Nicole that will air on The Early Show. Some day.

I's already been scheduled to run five times. And delayed five times. Nic got an email from the producer who said that the piece would run Wednesday morning. So we started beating our drums, telling everyone in jungle to wake up early, turn on their TV's and see....Nicole.

And just as we finished getting the word out, Nicole got a phone call. From the CBS producer. The segment has been bumped again. We're starting to feel like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Karen Gilder asked if it would help if we started an email campaign to CBS. Hmmmmmm. Good thought....
So I emailed the producer. I asked if it would ever run, and if the email campaign idea would help...

The producer emailed me back:

There is no way the piece isn't going to air. Unfortunately because it is what we call an evergreen - it can air whenever because it is not pegged to a single date. So when something as important as the terrorism plot happens, it messes everything up. And the features that do still air are ones that are pegged to specific dates - like mothers day say. I promise you the piece will air you just have to be patient. I know its a pain - but try and understand that we are putting on two hours of news and entertainment everyday which is tricky, and we don't want to slight the story and make it shorter or have to put it at a time where it won't fit in. So we just have to wait. A letter campaign won't work - because everyone here is very excited for it to air (one senior producer even thinks its the best piece the show has done all year) So it will air. Just try and hang in there. 

That's big time TV for ya. So...we'll continue to wait.

Today has been full and fulfilling. It started at 8am at the training facility in the Nissan plant in Canton. I taught a bunch of guys how to assemble a drive shaft. Not really. I attended the Madison County Economic Summit with lots and lots of movers and shakers from all over the county. Former Governor Ronnie Musgrove was there, and he told the "back story" of how Mississippi landed Nissan. Lt. Governer Phil Bryant was there, and he told of his experience on the Gulf Coast the past few days. He said the oil spill threat wasn't nearly as bad as the national news was making it out to be. I pray he's right. And Dr. Phil Pepper, the state's economist, gave a very informative presentation of the economic condition of Madison County (it's really good). It was an enlightening morning, and I'm really glad I went.

Lunch was at Kristos, a fairly new restaurant in Madison. I met up with several ladies who attend a monthly
Bible study gathering. This particular luncheon had no agenda, other than fellowship and getting to know each other better. But there was alot of "unloading" (I guess some of the women had it bottled up and felt comfortable sharing their burdens with other women.)

Well here's the deal: I've heard many times that if we all threw the crosses we have to carry in a big pile, then we could go back and choose any cross we wanted, we'd almost surely choose our own. It's still a cross to bear, but it's our own cross--problems we already know how to handle. Well, if that had happened today, I'd have jumped in first to grab my own cross! You only think you have problems until you hear about other people's problems. And trust me, I got an earful today! I left feeling a little wrung out, but grateful that my problems didn't seem so big.

After lunch I headed over to Dolores' house, where her friend Loicka came by to smell my wonderful SCENTSY samples. We had a great visit, sipping on peach tea and solving the world's problems. You're welcome.

Then it was home...to do some more social media network marketing for Walk & Roll, a fundraising event for research at Methodist Rehab. The event will be held on Saturday, May 15, from 10am to noon. It involves a one-mile walk around the track at Mirror Lake Plaza on Lakeland Drive. There will be food, live music and lots of fun. NICOLE WILL BE WALKING THE TRACK ON HER OWN, WITHOUT A CANE! But she needs two things: 1) people on her team and 2) donations. The more people she has walking with her, the more fun we'll all have. To register to walk, go to the link above ("Walk & Roll") and click the participant link on the blue bar across the top of the page. To donate, just click on the donation box. Her team is called "You Can't Stop This Dancer," of course. So, please, sign up to walk (it's only one mile!), donate if you can, and share the link with your friends!

Finally...Tuesday night TV...lots of channel flipping between "Biggest Loser," "Lost," "American Idol," and "Glee." A great way to simply veg out and relax after a very busy day...

I have a feeling that something good is brewing. I can't say what...but I'm hopeful...  ;-)

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. I can't wait to see the CBS 'event'. I have set my vcr everytime I hear it is going to air. I am full of 'anticipation' also.

    I can't wait for my Sentsy items to come in and light them up at my home. Any word on when they will arrive?

    Thanks for your entry's. Really enjoy reading each and every one.