Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yoga, Arts, Herbs and NO TV!.

Ever notice how a dog or cat will do a full body stretch each and every time they get up from a snooze?

I started a yoga class yesterday.

I'm sore today. Real sore. And stiff.

I think the practice of yoga awakens muscles I haven't been using in awhile. It felt great while I was doing it, and I felt amazingly energized and relaxed at the same time when the class was over. It's just that now, the next day, I'm a little stiff and achy. I'm thankful for that...it means my body is transforming! I'll just have to stretch it out again!

My friend, Leslie, was at the yoga class, too. We began and ended our day yesterday together. Because I'm the program chair of the Whisper Lake Garden Club, I asked Leslie to do May's presentation on growing herbs. I found out things about Leslie that I didn't know before! Like how she got into herbs. And that she's a really good speaker! Everyone had fun smelling all her sweet-smelling spritzes, and she sent everyone home with a opal leafed basil--a beautiful purple plant that she says will grow like mad. We'll see.

Today I'm excited about going to a big luncheon at Millsaps College. I've been asked to be on the board of the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Series. I'm really excited, because I've been a patron of the series for years. I've heard the most amazing lectures and enjoyed some of the most incredible performances at Millsaps over the years. It's amazing who they bring in. Most recently, Kathryn Stockett, author of "The Help," (on the NY Times Best Seller list!), spoke to a sell-out crowd. Still vivid in my mind are the Chinese acrobats, which I saw at Millsaps about three years ago. So, you'll be hearing all about next fall's lineup soon. Stay tuned!

Speaking of staying tuned...thanks to all of you who have set your DVR's so many times, for so many false alarms of Nicole's story running on the CBS Early Show. Well...today was supposed to be the day! She was supposed to make her national TV debut! (Well...not really...she was in the PBS "Now" Show, and she danced in a national Coca-Cola commercial, but this is a story all about her!). We spent a good hour or more last night beating the drums to let all our friends in the jungle know to tune in. People MISSED WORK this morning to stay home and watch. DVR's set all over the country.

Well, we're done. If we get word again that it's airing, we will NOT tell you...we will instead direct you to the CBS Early Show website after the fact so that you can see the video there.

So...on a positive note, there are two important things you can help with today, if you feel so inclined. One is to donate to the Walk & Roll event this Saturday. It's a fund raiser for research at Methodist Rehab. Nicole will be walking ONE MILE around the Mirror Lake Plaza track. You can go online here to register to walk with the You Can't Stop This Dancer team, or to donate to the cause. Her goal is $1000 by Saturday.

Blessings to all who read this!


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