Friday, June 5, 2009

Work It Girl!!!

Although summer doesn't offiically arrive until later this month, we all know that summer is here!

While other folks are laying by the pool or heading to the beach, Nicole's idea of summer fun is working out, going to therapy, working out, doing Pilates, working get the idea! She's now working hard five days a week because she's got a goal of walking on her own, with no assistance, by August 30--the one year anniversary of her accident. I believe she'll do it!

She will have a little R&R one day next week...Josh and crew are planning a trip to the water park in Philadelphia (that's in MS, for those out-of state folks!). Relaxing in a cabana poolside for the day should be very good therapy!

Summer is a fun time, but a busy one for me. I have mountains of insurance papers, doctor and hospital bills and such that I'm trying to organize and make sense of. Also, we filed an extension on our taxes, so those still have to be done. Lots of busy paperwork. I'm also working on getting my Southern Living at HOME business back off the ground. I've been a consultant for over three years and love it! I don't know of any other job that I could drop like a hot potato then pick back up where I left off several months later, which is exactly what I'm doing now. I love the company, love the products and love the extra income. That's more necessary than ever now with Joe headed off to USM. So, if anyone would like to have a party...and get the things they love the best for FREE or half price...give me a holla! OR, if you would like to make some money of your own, I can tell you how to become a consultant as well! Check out my website at

I'm finally able to breathe a bit since Nicole continues to regain her independence. She's interviewing folks our the next few days to be her Personal Care Assistant. We've been approved for 4 hours/day, 5 days/week, but we have to find the right person, meaning someone who can deal with Nicole's limitations, as well as her wacky life!

Nic isn't the only one who lives to work out. We went to visit Joe at his job today at 1-2-3 Fit! in Ridgeland. It's the coolest little gym that features circuit training. You spend 30 second on each station and work out for 30 minutes. Joe is a personal trainer there and he's got quite a following. When he's not working at the gym, he's working out at another gym. Go figure.

If you know Larry or me, you know our kids didn't inherit their physiques or their desire to work out from either of us. I'm just amazed that we gave birth to them!

Nic spoke to the Madison-Ridgeland Rotary Club yesterday at Bonefish Grill. It was great seeing so many familiar, friendly faces. She did a good job with her presentation, giving credit to the community where she was raised for giving her the confidence to pursue her dreams in New York. I have always been proud of her, but now so more than ever.

Speaking of the community, they are doing it again! There are a couple of fundraisers planned this month for Nicole's medical fund. One is artist Anthony DiFatta's art show at the Mississippi Arts Center downtown. The opening reception is Thursday evening, and the show will hang throughout the month. Tony is donating 20% of anything that sells during the show to Nicole's fund. PLEASE try to get down there to see Tony's work. He's such a gifted artist, and he has a heart of gold.

The other big event is Nicole's movie night at the Malco Grandview Theatre in Madison on Monday, June 15. The movie is "Land of the Lost" starring Will Ferrill (one of our favorite comedic actors), and showtime is 7pm. The cost for the movie, popcorn and drink is $10, with the entire amount going to Nicole's medical fund. This event is sponsored by Madison the City and the Malco Theatre. Incredible! We are so blessed to live in MADISON!!!! (Many years ago, Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler herself told us "You have just GOT to move to Madison." We figured since the Mayor herself was inviting our family to move to her city, then we should. So we did. And we are so grateful!!!)

Nic and I are going to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Josie (who is still living inside OT Ashley) in the morning. A big baby shower is planned and we are excited to be included. Daddy is going to "spring" Mama from Wisteria Gardens tomorrow afternoon and bring her to our house. I might see about whipping up some homemade ice cream! Tomorrow evening, Nicole will be celebrating friend Laura Blackmon's birthday, just as she has for the past several years--steaks on the grill!

Looks like a good weekend ahead before hitting the gym again next week. Larry and I really have to step up our game.

Blessings to all who read this!

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