Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday is Par-tay Day!

What a day of celebrations this has been! First of all, it was an ideal, as in not humid, summer day. Blue skies, mild breeze...perfect!

Nic and I got ready this morning and took off for the Reservoir area where we attended a 10:30am baby shower for Ashley Ricotta, Nicole's OT at MRC. She's having a baby girl next month, so there was lots of pink! Great food, yummy mimosas and really nice folks made for a fun morning.

From there we headed home where we met up with my parents, Mama and Papa Dale. Papa Dale took Mama out on a "day pass" from Wisteria Gardens. She was going stir crazy looking at the four walls of her room and needed a change of scenery. I made homemade strawberry ice cream (creamy delicious!) and a pot of fresh coffee, which we enjoyed on the back porch under the whirring ceiling fans. Jacqui came to join us and indulged my mother with a manicure. Hot pink becomes her!

After they left, Nic got ready for a birthday party for her high school friend, Laura Blackmon. This was about the fourth or fifth year in a row that Nicole has been in town for Larua's birthday. Laura's dad always cook steaks on the grill and Nicole always comes home raving about the delicious food! I'm sure this year Laura's party was an extra-special one for Nicole. She's so happy to be back in the "real world" doing things she's been doing for the past few years.

Larry, of course, is at work, making sure the parties at the Country Club go smoothly. It's wedding season, so lots of rehearsal dinners and wedding showers. Joe just naturally finds parties. This afternoon he was trying to figure out which parties he'd be hitting tonight.

With everyone out of the house, I was ready for a TV party by myself on the couch, when friend/neighbor Phyllis called and suggested we enjoy a cocktail or two on my front porch. Seems her brood was all out for the evening as well. She brought over some sweet potato fries and cosmo mix and we just made a fun time of it!

So I began and ended my day with parties, celebrating babies, family and friends. Life can be a party if we only allow ourselves to slow down and enjoy those we love the most, and those who love us. It doesn't have to be a planned out formal affair. Sometimes impromptu gatherings are the best, as you don't have the stress of planning, preparing and such. Simply dig in the fridge and pantry to see what's on hand and then serve it in the finest pieces you have. In the end, the thing that is remembered the most is the conversation and time spent together. It's summer...why not get your party on?!!?!!??!

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. Hello Susan,

    I'm Kristina a friend of Josh's. I don't believe with met, although I've passed you and Nicole a few times here and there around 121 and Fondren and such. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that you and Nicole are both such amazing inspirations. It's incredible to see how you turned a tragic accident into something that shows your strength and God's grace. Thank You!!