Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Time...No Blog

It's been a week since my last post. That can be interpreted as either nothing exciting happened this past week, or that I've been too crazy busy with our exciting life to write. You decide...

Monday was therapy day. Larry usually takes over on Mondays, as it is his day off. But instead, I drove because it's swim team season, and Larry had to be at the CC to make sure all went smoothly with the little swimmers.

Tuesday Nicole had a Bioness session at rehab, then to the Fondren building for a workout with Eclecius. Wouldn't you know...the elevator was out, so she had to go down the big flight of stairs to the basement, then back up them again when she was finished with her workout. Her little legs were like Jell-o when she was done! We ate a quick lunch from Basil's before heading to the orthodontist office. She got her long-awaited braces! I have to admit, she looks really cute in them, but she'd better keep her ID handy, because no one will ever believe she's 26!

Wednesday was therapy day again, then we headed over to the rez to meet up with "Aunt Carol," Nicole's godmother and my old college roommate. Carol was visiting from Nashville, and we spent the afternoon floating around her Uncle Jimmy's swimming pool. Nicole was so funny when she got in the water--it was her first time in a pool since her accident. With the bouyancy of the water, she was able to stand with no problem and walk around the pool! But most of her time was spent floating on a raft, enjoying the sun. She tried oh-so-hard to get top secret details of my college years out of Carol, but I shot Carol the stink-eye, letting her know that no good would come to her if she spilled the sordid details of my past life to my daughter. (Kidding...we actually had pretty boring lives, but Nicole doesn't have to know that!)

Wednesday night we all headed over to Hal & Mal's for Josh's first-ever "Full Frontal Karaoke Night." There was a good crowd and we had fun listening to all the wanna-be singers. Josh and Nic took the microphone to sing "Love Shack" (excellent, I might add) and later, "Dancing Queen." They actually do really good duets together!

Thursday we started the day with breakfast at the new Embassy Suites Hotel in Ridgeland (across the parkway from the Renaissance). Larry, Carol, Nicole and I met up with our pal, Skip Lowe and had a wonderful breakfast. From there, Carol, Nicole and I went to St. Mark's Episcopal Church on the Jackson State Parkway to surprise the kids at the Vacation Bible School. Nicole and Josh volunteered there last year, and although Josh was back this year, Nicole wasn't able to because of her therapy schedule. The kids were so excited to see her, and they wouldn't stop hugging her. It was so fun to see!

Next it was on to therapy. Nicole spent an hour with the Bioness then the three of us had lunch in Interiors Market in Woodland Hills. I left Carol there to look at all the pretty things while I dropped Nic off at the Fondren Building for her workout with Eclecis. Afterwards, we headed home to get ready for the opening of Tony DiFatta's art show at the Mississippi Arts Center. We saw lots of friends there, including Jake Smith, Merill McKewen, V.A. Patterson, and one of Nicole's buddys from her St. Joe days, Talara, who is now a beautiful woman who is promoting her own fashion line. The show will be up through the end of June, and I strongly encourage folks to go see it. Tony is a very gifted artist and this show in particular is really exceptional. (The MS Arts Center is the one next to the Planetarium downtown...and best of all, it's FREE!) Afterwards, we had a fun dinner in the lounge of Sal & Mookie's before calling it a night.

Friday was a little more relaxed. Nicole didn't have therapy until 11, so we had a leisurely breakfast of blueberry pancakes on the patio. While Nicole was at therapy, Carol and I went to visit my mother at Wisteria Gardens. After picking up Nicole,we met up with my dad at Cerami's for a fine lunch. Just when we thought we had the afternoon free, Nic got a call asking if she could be at WLBT at 4pm to talk about the upcoming Movie Night for Nicole. Carol and I just sighed, disappointed that we couldn't just prop our feet up and relax for the afternoon, when Nicole had the idea to call her newly-hired Personal Care Assistant, Megan. Yeah! Megan came over and helped Nic get ready and drove her to the TV station. Carol and I were able to kick back after all, eating popcorn and watching Nicole on TV!

Saturday, Carol got up early and left...she had a long drive back to Nashville. Nicole and I stayed home all day. We watched movies and I did a little laundry. It was a day of rest for both of us. Larry came home and we went over to the Luke's house for dinner. We had stuffed hamburgers. Amazing. Two thin patties of beef, and in-between was bacon, feta cheese, mushrooms and onions. We can always count on eating well at the Luke's house! But now we'll have to travel further to have those good meals, as they are moving to Cincinnati next week. We will miss them soooo much, but we will still see them often (a promise or a threat?!).

Today we had a great Sunday lunch...not so much the food as the company. Daddy "sprung" mama from Wisteria Gardens and brought her over, and Josh came and brought Dirty Betty (his grandmother). I actually cooked, and it felt good to serve up Sunday dinner in the dining room. It's been too long... Josh took Nicole to a lake party while Betty and Mama and I visited in the keeping room. Daddy enjoyed an afternoon of watching baseball.

Speaking of baseball, the University of Southern Mississippi is playing in the College World Series in Omaha right now for the first time ever...score is tied, bases loaded, and we only have one out. Larry's about to pee his pants! I guess I'd better go see this--it's history in the making for our team!

So...boring week? Or beyond crazy? As I said decide!

Movie Night for Nicole--$10 for movie, drink, popcorn, and all the money goes to Nicole's medical fund. 7pm, Monday, June 15, Malco Grandview Theatre in Madison!

Blessings to all who read this!

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