Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reality check...

As I write this, Nicole is in her room, a little disappointed because she wants to go to the tanning bed and she can't. She has plastic surgery scheduled for Monday morning to reduce the size of four of her scars. Three are surgical, including the trach scar on her throat, and the fourth is a scar from a nasty laceration she received when she fell on a broken bottle. Yes, that was "the" fateful fall. The scar tissue is still very tender, after all, it's only been eight months. To damage that in a tanning bed would not be the best idea two days away from surgery. So, the reality check is that she simply can't jump into a tanning bed like she used to. But I'm sure she'll make her way to a pool or beach in the next couple of months, and with her beautiful olive skin, all the sun has to do is glance her way and she'll have a golden tan before she knows it!

I spent several hours today at a board retreat in Clinton for the Crossroads Film Society. The retreat was held at Greg Smith's home, which was a beautiful setting for our meeting. He and his wife, Beverly, live on a lake, and I had a hard time concentrating on the business at hand, as I was seated across from an expanse of picture windows that overlooked the lake. I watched egrets and cranes fly back and forth across the lake for hours.

Joe stayed with Nicole while I was gone. Larry had to go to the club early this morning as the pool opened today. I was a little worried about what they'd eat, as Joe is allergic to cooking and Nicole isn't able to really get in the kitchen and cook just yet. I should have known my resourceful children would be just fine--I came home to an empty pizza box on the counter.

Nicole was happy because Josh had come by on his way to shoot a wedding. She always misses him when he's gone (he's been in L.A. for a week--got in very late last night). She had a good week in rehab, and was happy to share all that happened with him.

It was really nice coming home this afternoon to both of my children. At 20 and 26, they have lives that aren't always centered at home. I am thankful that they were here, and I had fun just being with them this afternoon. I know it wasn't Nicole's choice to live at home again at her age, but I believe she's making the best of it. She enjoys her "new" room and bathroom, and I think it suits her lifestyle for now. Joe will be moving to Hattiesburg in a few weeks, into a house with a few other guys. He'll be practicing for cheerleading this summer, so we won't be seeing too much of him. We will be seeing him at the USM games this fall, which we are all excited about!

The kids and I will be heading to Wisteria Gardens tomorrow to see my mom and to decorate her room. I hope that will lift her spirits and motivate her to get better. Afterwards, Larry will join us so we can all go to mass together. It's been a long time since we've been there together as a family.

Our prayers are with my Aunt Sheila. She's had a rough go of it and we simply send up a prayer of healing for her.

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. Susan,
    Although we have never met, I feel like I know you and Nicole so well. I've been reading the CB upates almost from the beginning. I look forward to reading your own blog. Take care and have fun fixing your Mother's room. Take care! Julianna