Thursday, May 14, 2009

From caringbridge to a new blog...

Eight months ago, I began a blog, of sorts, by journaling about my daughter's accident & recovery on a site called caringbridge. If you're reading this, you probably know all about it. If not, in a nutshell, Nicole fell from the roof of her apt. building in NY--six stories--and lived to tell the tale. It's been a long, slow journey to recovery. To read all about it, go to the "my story" section of

In the beginning, the journal entries were primarily to keep friends and relatives apprised of Nicole's medical condition so that I would not have to repeat it over and over by phone. The entries were clinical in nature, with details about her condition, which was critical for some time. In the process, hundreds of people signed the guestbook, and we found that it gave us strength, courage, hope, faith and we felt a tremendous amount of love and caring. As the events unfolded, we discovered alot about ourselves as a family unit, and we realized that our friends were the best ever.

People were fascinated by Nicole's story. It began as horror over what had occurred, then moved into amazement at her strength and will to not only survive, but to beat the odds. Our beautiful dancer vowed to dance again, and who were we to doubt her?

I was faithful in writing the updates, and over the months, the clinical aspect evolved into a "day in the life" report. Nicole has managed to live her life to the fullest despite physical limitations. She's taken me along on the ride with her, and it's been nothing short of incredible.

Last month, she made the decision to write the journal entries on caringbridge herself. After all, it is her life. I fill in for her on occassion, but for the most part, it's her story now. But quitting writing cold turkey was difficult for me. I have gained great insight while on this journey, and still feel that I have alot to share.
I've learned some of life's lessons the hard way, and in a short amount of time. If I can help others with what I've learned, I'll be honored. And I hope to continue learning and sharing. So Nicole has caringbridge, and I have this blog.

I'm calling this "Every Step of the Way," after the name of the dance choreographed for Nicole by Cynthia Newland at Belhaven. Nicole has had tremendous support from family and friends every step of the way, and I have as well. And through this all, God's hand has been touching us all every step of the way. And we couldn't have done it without that help.

So, I'll keep it short, I'll keep it sweet (sometimes), and I'll enjoy writing this blog each day. I hope you enjoy reading it.

In the tradition of my caringbridge posts:

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. Great idea! What you did on Caring Bridge was took guts and it took work. But I saw what it meant to you and I know what it meant to all who were so concerned and so interested in Nicole's recovery. So wonderful that Nicole can now take over and tell her own story and I’m sure we’ll get updates from your perspective on Nicole. But I'm interested in what you have to say about all types of subjects and your views on your community, on helping aging parents, to great places to shop and where the heck is the best margarita in town? Important stuff! All sorts of info as only Scroozin can serve up (Uh oh! Nickname leak!) I'll still check Caring Bridge for our girl Nicole’s updates every time she post because she got exciting stuff going on!
    Rock on Marquez ladies.

  2. Oh yeah....another blog to follow. Celeste has tried to get me to write a blog and I may indeed once we begin our new adventures in Ohio. I have really enjoyed reading your entries on caringbridge. I felt very much a part of the journey....rejoicing in the ups and shedding a few tears on the rare downs but it has indeed been a journey as only you could really document. Thanks. Susan L

    So I am with Brenda - anxious to see what is in store for future blog spots! Y'all are the best!