Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Given a choice, no one would choose to be sick. Or to get hurt. Or to accidently fall off a six story building. But, life happens, and when it does, we deal with it.

One of the ways folks deal with others getting sick, having surgery, etc. is to shower them with food. Churches have committees devoted to just that. I've taken food to people I don't even know, because I was on the committee and was called upon to prepare something. In the future, I will do that with great joy, as I know all too well now what the receiving end is like. It is good. Very good.

Like tonight, when our sweet friend Becky Adkins brought us a full dinner--chicken, pasta, carrots, salad and bread. Good eatin' for sure! In the past several weeks, our kind neighbor/friend, Phyllis Geary, brought over pork loin, gourmet pizza and other delights. Jacqui supplied us with comfort food: meatloaf and tomato basil soup, among other things. And just one week after my hysterectomy, we made our way to Larry and Susan Luke's home for a wonderful meal.

It's amazing how our friends seem to know just what we need when we need it. I was silently lamenting prior to my surgery how I had not had time to go buy new pajamas, and that very evening, the day before my surgery, Ann Frye came by with a gift of new pajamas, a nightgown and slippers.

I'm always so moved by random acts of kindness, no matter how big or how small. Since Nicole's accident, we've been the recipient of so many of them. Like the girl from the optical shop in NY who walked a few blocks to the hospital with several pairs of frames so Nicole could try them on and choose the ones she wanted. If I began to list them all, this would be an encyclopedia. With each kind gesture we receive a bit of grace. To not accept it would be to insult the one giving it. So we do so, gratefully and gracefully.

Because of this, we have become hyper-sensitive to such acts, and we understand how much each random act can mean. Each gives us strength, faith, confidence and hope. And now, more than ever, we feel compelled to "pay it forward." There's no way we can repay the kind gestures others have made towards us, be we can recognize opportunities to do for others in their time of need, and we will, to the best of our ability.

Nicole had her first outing today since her surgery on Monday. We went to Methodist Rehab where she met with her OT and a representative from the Bioness company. Today they did an assessment on Nicole, trying the new hand stimulation devices on her to see how she would respond. The response was good, and she was deemed a good candidate for the devices. For now, she'll use them at Methodist and see where we go from there. It was fascinating today to see how they can use electric current to help her do things with her right hand that she had not been able to do before. Extend her fingers, make a fist, pick up objects and drop them again. Things we take for granted, but believe me, when you can't do those things, life is a challenge. In time, the devices should help retrain the nerves and the messages they send to Nicole's brain. She will be opening up closed pathways and maybe even forming new ones, all to do simple tasks that help in tackling life's everyday challenges.

After a two hour session at MRC, we met up with Papa Dale for lunch, before going to visit Mama at Wisteria Gardens. She's doing better. Nicole went to the gym there and met with Mama's therapist. She wanted to make sure Mama was getting a good workout--Nicole style! Before we left, Nicole met the manager and somehow scheduled a karaoke gig at the nursing home with she and Josh in costumes. Those folks may never be the same again!

That was excitement enough, so we headed home, where Nic and I both took a good nap. Becky brought dinner over, and both Larry and Josh surprised us so we all ate outside on the patio. It was a nice evening and we enjoyed the delicious meal Becky provided for us.

Thanks to all who have signed the caringbridge guestbook, or left a comment on my blog. Those, too, are acts of kindness that are so appreciated.

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. I had no idea you were doing a blog now until I saw you mention it on your Facebook page.

    Bleesings to you!