Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Surprises!

There's been a little buzz of excitement in the air everywhere we've been today. It's Friday before a long weekend! We picked up Josh at his studio this morning, and I greeted him with "TGIF!" He laughed and said that he had just said the very same thing, after not saying it for a long, long time. Not that it's been a bad week, but I believe the prospect of a long weekend--a holiday weekend--has everyone a little bit stoked.

We headed to Primos for the most scrumptious breakfast ever (they have the creamiest grits...if you're not from the South and you don't have access to grits, I feel so sorry for you! I once sent a package of grits and a recipe for cheese grits to my friend, Paula, in NY. The package broke in the box, and when she opened it, the dried grits just streamed all over her office. She though I was crazy!).

After dropping Nicole off at therapy, I took Josh to pick up his keys from pal Tara before dropping him off at home. I had a little therapy of my own, in the manicurist's chair, then drove back down Lakeland to get Nicole.

Nic did great in therapy today--her first session in a week. She has been surprised at her loss of energy from Monday's surgery, but she's regaining it quickly. They took it easy on her today, just mainly doing some stretching. They don't want her scars to get tight.

It was back home for lunch, and then I checked emails and found one from friend Vidal, who was in search of someone to drive a painting to Bryant Galleries in New Orleans. I jumped at the chance, and now Nicole, Susan Luke and I are heading out tomorrow for a fun little jaunt to the Crescent City. What a fun surprise! Nicole was feeling a little down because Josh is going to Oxford this weekend to shoot a wedding, and then he'll be at Camp Bratton Green's special needs camp all next week. She didn't share in everyone's excitement about a long weekend before this little opportunity arose!

We're going to eat dinner at GW Finns, then head to the jazz bar at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Sunday morning, we'll get our gospel on at the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues before heading back home. Our family has done that before, prior to Hurricane Katrina, and it was spectacular--delicious food and wonderful music. This trip, we'll be swaying to the sounds of the Zion Harmonizers. We've been wanting to go back for some time, so this will be a real treat! I think it will be a great change of scenery for Nicole. Just a three hour drive away, New Orleans feels like a different country!

My sister, Sarah, is coming in from Nashville today to help my dad out with my mother. I'm hoping Sarah can trade places with me some and be with Nicole, so I can spend more time with my mom. She's still in the "swing bed" (not a swinging bed...) at Wisteria Gardens Nursing Home in Pearl, but she's getting better every day. Physical therapy is the most wonderful thing! The lesson for us all is that we need to KEEP MOVING!

I've been going through emails and having fun reading facebook comments. The funniest one today came from David Kimball. He found something for all dog-lovers and their dogs. It's a Michael Vick chew toy. For real. Order at: So guess what Roxie is getting soon?! Why didn't I think of that???

One final thing I need to do is to wish Maggie Clark a happy 60th birthday! I can't believe I let that one slip by me. First of all, Maggie may be 60 chronologically, but she's certainly waaaaay younger than that! I have to say that Maggie is one of the best friends ever, and she has the most generous heart and spirit. She's been a rock for me. We don't talk as often as I'd like, but when we do, it's like we just spoke yesterday. She understands me and supports me and I appreciate her friendship more than she'll ever know. I love you, Maggie! Happy Birthday!!!!

Les bon temp roulez! We're New Orleans bound!!!

Blessings to all who read this!


  1. Georgous Picture of Nicole. Hope yall enjoy your trip to NO. Be careful and safe and have fun!

  2. Isn't that beautiful? It was her headshot from Actor's Theatre in Louisville, KY, two summers ago. It's the photo she took to all of her NY auditions. Enjoy the quiet at St. Joe this summer!