Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CBS is on God's Time

If I've learned nothing else during this journey with Nicole, I've learned that God's timing is perfect.

In case you didn't know, CBS News came to town and did a "package" on Nicole's story to run on The Early Show. It was precipitated by a public relations company in Boston who handles p.r. for a company called Bioness. They make the device Nicole wears to increase function in her hands.

The timing, of course, was perfect, as the CBS crew came the same weekend as "An Evening of HOPE," which was the event Nicole concieved/coordinated/choreographed as a fundraiser for the Parents for Public Schools'  "Ask for More Arts" program. It was also where Nicole came full circle, dancing once again, so it was a triumphant evening for her--the girl who was told she would likely never walk again.

But that was back in March. And now it's July. And six times Nicole was told the story would air on The Early Show, and six times the story was bumped. There have been oil spills, tornadoes, Joren van der Sloot, Princess Fergie selling out Prince get the picture. But each time, it was a bit more disappointing.

Then, Monday rolled around. The fifth of July. An extended holiday! No reason to get up whatsoever...except that Roxie needed to go outside. At 7a.m. And once I'm up, there's no going back to sleep. Dammit.

So I turned on the coffee pot and padded back to my office to see who was doing what on facebook...and around 8:05, I went back in the kitchen and was pouring a cup of coffee when I heard Betty Nguyen, Erica Hill and Chris Wragge all talking about--you guessed it!--NICOLE. Dammit again! Her story ran and I MISSED IT!!!

No, wait, I've had our DVR set to record The Early Show every day for three months! Now's the time to figure out how to replay something! And I did! I woke Larry up and he came running into the den (not really...he kind of did his just-woke-up saunter) and we watched it two or three times before the phone started ringing.

Paige Kendig, the producer of the segment, did a great job putting Nicole's story together. It was moving, compelling and inspirational. I only wish they had mentioned that she's going into motivational speaking. And that she still does incredible choreography. And identify Larry. And that she has a brother. But they didn't, and that's OK.

So...word started spreading that the story ran, and there were people who weren't as consciencious as me who did not have their DVR's set to record every Early Show, every day...but not to worry! I checked The Early Show website and THERE IT WAS! A photo of Nicole dancing in front of a grafitti wall in New York, and a link to the video!!! So, I did what any proud mom would do, I put the link all over facebook!!!!

And that all worked well for about an hour, and the picture and link were REMOVED. Say what????

Paige was on assignment in Spain (what an exciting life for a 27-year-old--why didn't I know about jobs like that when I was her age???). So what to do? Well, Pete DiPaolo found the "viewer feedback" page on The Early Show website, and we sent that link out and people inundated The Early Show inbox with requests for the video to go back up again. We all clicked on The Early Show page all day to see if it was there (I hope they don't think their number of clicks were up for any other reason!!!). But, at the end of the day, the video wasn't there.

However...Tuesday morning was a new day...and I got the sweetest email from Paige, letting me know that "Unfortunately the piece can not air on the web because there is a ton of music in the piece, and we do not own the rights to the music." Well, that explains it. Copyright laws. That's cool.

Not to worry...because I soon found out that the video was on You Tube!!! And since it's been up, it's already been viewed 2,366 times, because people have shared the link on facebook and email.

And finally...
you can see it....

UPDATE! CBS pulled the video off You Tube as rights. We have contacted the artist, Andrew Bird, to see if we can get the rights to run the video. In the meantime, here's the dance. ENJOY! :-)

Blesssings to all who read this!


  1. I hope this video leads to more "STUFF". Nicole will make a great motivational speaker.

  2. Really enjoyed watching the video.