Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother of a Weekend

At the risk of this sounding like a glorified travel log, I can't help but share what a great weekend I had here in Maine.

But first, Happy (late) Mother's Day!!!! To all you mothers reading this, I hope your day was special and filled with love.

If you've been on facebook at all in the past couple of days, you may have seen a link to an article that was on the front page of Sunday's Clarion-Ledger. Billy Watkins wrote a very flattering piece on me, Nicole and our family for Mother's Day. Jonni was the "official" Maine photographer, shooting the photos of me outside of our beach bungalow. You can read the article here. Thanks for all the kind commennts!

It's been a wonderful weekend in Maine. Jonni's business partner (and our friend), Brownie Shott, arrived on Friday from Katy, Texas. We went into town and had a relaxing dinner and did some catching up.

Saturday was a perfect weather day. We eased slowly into the day, hanging out, drinking coffee and eating some of these:

They were delivered to our door late Saturday morning! It was a Mother's Day gift from my sweet hubby and chirren! After eating a few just to make sure they were good (they were!!!!) we got ready and drove up to Belfast to Young's Lobster Pound.

It's a warehouse kind of place where you go in downstairs and choose your lobster from a huge holding tank.

We all ordered a pound and a half lobster each, corn on the cob and Jonni got an order of steamers (clams).  We went upstairs and sat at one of the many long picnic tables with a beautiful view overlooking the harbor.

Next we went to the Nut House...Perry's nut house where they had the most amazing fudge, nuts and all kinds of crazy curiosities. My favorite thing there, however, was Buzzy, the giant squirrel, standing out front.

Sunday we woke up to a glorious Maine day and spent some time on the beach, looking for sea glass and lucky rocks (more on that in a future post). We lounged around for the better part of the morning, all hanging out with our laptops, "tex-mexin' the the spacebook," comparing notes on news from home and just enjoying being in this beautiful cottage overlooking the sea.

We finally got ready for the day and headed out to Cellardoor Wineries, where they were hosting a special Mother's Day chocolate and wine paring. We tasted some of the most incredible hand-made chocolates from Sweet Marguerite's Artisinal Chocolates, each paired with a different wine. The winery itself was spectacular, overlooking huge vineyards and mountains.
From there we took a hour-long winding drive through rural Maine to the town of New Harbor, to the home of Scott and Joy Shott, Brownie's husband's uncle and aunt (keep up!). There, we met up with their son, Scott, Jr. and his wife, Heidi and their two sons. We all drove to Round Pond to a wonderful restaurant, the Anchor Inn, where they treated us to a delicious Mother's Day dinner. It was a special way to spend a special day.

Back home, Larry said they served over 875 people at the country club for Mother's Day. That's alot of vittles!!! Joe squeezed in a trip to the beach, and Nicole had a few speaking engagements, the most notable of which was her appearance/speech at the launch party of MS Legends magazine in Meridian last Thursday where Morgan Freeman was the guest of honor. I'm sooooooo grateful to Suzi Altman for sharing photos she took of Nicole and shared with me.

Today, it was get-down-to-business day. Jonni and Brownie took off to sell ads for the map they are doing while they are here. I spent some time doing ALS Association work, and going over writing notes for my book. Tomorrow, I'll be holed up in my little cottage right on the beach, writing the story that's in my head and heart.

Right now, it's off to hula hoop class!

Blessings to all who read this!

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