Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Settled In

My first full day in Maine--yesterday--was blissful, despite being sick, sick, sick. (I've developed a bizarre digestive issue...it's slowing me down a little, but I am determined to get better!)

Jonni and I just hung around yesterday, spending alot of time on facebook and relaxing. We went to eat lunch but I was unable to eat.

But we plowed on. Jonni found a fun exercise class for us: hula hooping! Off we went to the Lincoln Street Center for the Arts, where we met our teacher, Maria. This woman loves to hula hoop!!! She had all kinds of hoops in all colors and sizes that she made! She said she teaches hoop-making workshops. Incredible.
Because I had eaten very little all day, I didn't have alot of energy, but I had enough to show off my mad hula hooping skills! I have always been pretty good at it, and like riding a bike, it all came back to me yesterday.

Jonni bought a hoop, and we took it with us to the beach today when we went to walk Cole. Check out my hula hooping skills for yourself here,  For the record, I had stuffed the front pocket of my hoodie with rocks I found on the beach. It did not make for a very flattering look, I know, but can YOU hula hoop that well??? Wait until next week...I'm gonna learn some tricks. I'll be hooper duper!

Today, Jonni took me out to see the sights. This really is a beautiful place. So quintessential New England. Lots of saltbox and Victorian houses. In the area where we are staying, many of the residents are lobstermen. It's not unusual to see stacks of lobster traps in someone's front yard or a truck bed full of colorful bouys. Up the road in Rockport, it's a little more upscale. We went to see the picturesque harbor there and it was full of boats.

We went to a wonderful shop today called  Fiore , where they sell artisan olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Italy, Spain and Portugal. We tasted all flavors of olive oils and vinegars, and finally I decided I love the blood orange olive oil and cranberry pear balsamic vinegar. Divine!

Next we went to Cellar Door Winery, where we tasted six different wines and got away with a case full. It helped that one of our favorites was on sale at a ridiculously low price!

Tomorrow, it's time to get down to the business of writing. I've been organizing my notes and getting things ready to go to my little writing cottage across the street. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow. That's a perfect writing day!

I am a little sad that I'm missing the CD release party for Grady Champion's new CD, "Dreamin'." The party is at Underground 119 in Jackson, and they'll be premiering the video of the song "Weight of the World," produced by Jef and Brenda Judin of 4 Tell Films. I'm a little partial to it due to the woman who stars in the vdieo with Grady. See it for yourself here.

We may be in Maine, but we are well aware of the flooding that's happening now in Memphis, and yet to come on further south. Our prayers are with those who will be affected by the floods. I'm so impressed with the many efforts of my friends to help with disaster relief for the tornado victims. A group of women I'm associated with are currently collecting prom dresses for the girls in Smithville. It's such a little thing to us, but such a big ocassion in a teenage girl's life. Do what you can to help someone in these trying times!

Blessings to all who read this!


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