Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

It's a very rainy Tuesday and we are absolutely waterlogged here! I'm not complaining...we went too long without rain...but it would be even better if I didn't have to get out in it today. But, alas, I gotta get my roots done and a little trim before we head up to New York City!

Nicole and Kate left early this morning to go to Rosa Scott Middle School, where Nic will be the featured speaker at their morning assembly, then she'll speak to specific classes throughout the day. It's a great opportunity for her as she ventures into her new career as a motivational speaker. Plus, it's a great opportunity for the kids as she tells them her incredible story and how she has come back from such a tragic life event. Bottom line is that we'll all have bad things happen in our lives, but how we choose to deal with affects the outcome. Lucky kids...to learn that lesson so early in life.

Nic has started her own website,www.youcantstopthisdancer.com, where you can see her latest blog posts as well as video blogs. She posted one yesterday, so check it out!

We are all looking forward to our exciting trip to NYC on Friday. We're going straight from the airport to the hospital to reunite with her doctors and nurses. It's the fulfullment of a promise we all made when Nicole was discharged on Sept. 27, 2008 to fly home. We promised we'd be back in one year and that Nicole would dance down the halls of the hospital. It will be a modified dance, to be sure, using her cane as a prop, but I'm sure it will be so fulfilling for them to see the patient they took care of doing so well. They saw her at her sickest--extremely critically ill with a poor prognosis for survival. To see her walking, laughing, smiling will surely make them feel their jobs are so worthwhile. To us, they are angels in disguise. It will be great to go back and give them a huge hug!

I have a great friend in NY as well...Paula Kelliher, who is the marketing director at the White Plains Galleria. She was my rock when we were in NY, coming to visit and making me laugh. Larry wants to visit the same tapas bar we went to with Paula a few days after we got there (not "topless," Brenda!).

We'll also have lots of fun in NY...going to a Broadway show, eating out, and just enjoying the city. Kate, Nicole's personal care assistant, is going with us, which will be fun, especially since she's never been to NY. It will be fun to watch Kate be introduced to Nicole's NY--all her theatre friends and favorite places. Larry and I will be looking forward to seeing her sweet friends again as well. They were so kind to us while Nic was in the hospital, visiting often, bringing snacks for us and the most thoughtful gifts for Nicole. Nicole truly surrounded herself with the nicest people and for that, we are so grateful.

There's lots to do before we go... I'll keep you posted on our big NY adventure!

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  1. Okay Okay, I could have sworn back then you said'Topless' bar...maybe you could find a "Topless Tapas" bar this time...now that would be well...wierd... but interesting?!So waiting to hear how they will freak with joy with Nicole walks down that hall. Oh God, how we held on to that dream last year and she is going to do it!