Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Sundays

Rush, rush, rush. Get up. Get ready. Hurry. We're late. Off to the gym to work with personal the pool for aqua therapy. So much to do every day, and we wouldn't want it any other way. But every now and then, it's nice to sit, relax, reflect, enjoy friends and family, which is what we did today.

when was the last time you had a good, sit-down, non-rushed Sunday lunch? It's good for the soul! I made a pot roast, scalloped potatoes with goat cheese, fresh avacado-red onion-tomato salad, and roasted green beans. Dessert was a fresh fruit cup and cupcakes! At the table was my mom and dad, my sister, and Nicole. Joe went to early church, but found "better" things to he was a "no show." Too bad for him.

After a relaxing afternoon sitting, talking, sharing favorite YouTube video and watching the steady rain outside, everyone left, leaving me at home alone with Roxie for an hour of reading. Heaven!

Nicole spent the afternoon with her friend, Drew, who is helping her put together her new website to promote her emerging motivationl speaking career. Already she has several "gigs" lined up to speak to area schools. Her story is amazing and the way she's handled it is a lesson in perseverance, motivation and overall good attitude. She really has alot to share. To make to official, Nicole has joined the National Speaker's Association and will work towards getting her certification as a motivational speaker. This could be a way for Nicole to be financially independent, and to enjoy one of her passions--travel. But best of all, it's a wonderful way for her to touch other people's lives in a very positive way.

Time was spent with a high school friend--Matt Ward--who was visitng from Nashville. Matt came by to visit with Nicole last night and they both ended up going to another friend's house to catch up on old times. That was good for Nicole's soul. Matt has grown into a fascinating young man and he's doing good work that is helping thousands of people. He's a grassroots coordinator with the Blood-Water Mission. Read about it at

It's so good to see Nicole and her friends doing something to benefit others.

We'll be shutting down Caring Bridge the end of this month (after our return trip to New York). I'll print the entire journal and guestbook and put it in a binder. If you'd like to leave a final message for Nicole, I encourage you to do so. Reading them really lifts her spirits and helps her keep moving forward. Don't underestimate the power of a kind word--they have all meant the world to Nicole and our family. Thank you!

Labor day formal therapy, but Nic and I will be hitting the Pilates machine (thanks again, Carol!) and the Wii Fit (thanks Jef and Brenda!).

Blessings to all who read this!

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