Friday, January 27, 2012



No, I'm not talking about the restaurant, although I do have good memories of TGIF in Highland Village in Jackson. If you remember it, you're old like me. I loved the colorful Tiffany-style lights above each booth and I remember how sophisticated my friends and I felt when we sat in the bar. 

Back in the day, the legal drinking age in Mississippi was 18, and we'd order up exotic drinks like tequila sunrises or Singapore slings. But I digress....


It's been a long week, and even though I have an extremely full day, just knowing it's the end of the week helps me to give a sigh of relief, knowing that the pace can slow just a little bit this weekend.

I am wearing multiple hats these days, but I'm not complaining. I wanted more work, and I'm getting it. My day started yesterday with a meeting at the Gulfport Police Station. I met with the Chief of Police, and someone from Parks & Rec. about the Walk to Defeat ALS I'm coordinating. It will be March 31 at the old V.A. Hospital. The place is better suited for a haunted house. It would be the ideal place to shoot a horror movie. But it does have pretty live oak trees and it's the ideal place for a fundraising walk. I think it's hauntingly beautiful...check out this video and see for yourself: Centennial Plaza.

Next I drove up Highway 49 and stopped in at Mt. Olive's City Hall, where I met with the mayor and the guy who runs their water system. 

I'm doing work for the Mississippi Rural Water Association and my assignment was to write a feature article about the Mt. Olive water system for the Association's in-house magazine, The Faucet. The water guy was about as enthusiastic about water as a dog is with a bone. He loves his job and wanted to tell me all about water pressure, additives, valves, water tanks, head was spinning, but I got all the information I need to write the article. 

Then it was up the road to a little slice of Heaven I like to call Donna's #6 Produce. 

I do their facebook business page posts and I had to take some new photos to use online. While there, I picked up some Florida strawberries (they smell divine...) and a sack full of white sweet potatoes. I've only had those one other time, when I was in high school (another very old memory) at my friend's deer camp. Later today, in-between writing about water systems and working on the ALS walk, I'm going to look up some recipes for white sweet potatoes. 

The day ended with a "sip and see" at Leslie Puckett's house, where I got to meet her new granddaughter, Autumn, who is visiting from Alaska. The best part of the night (besides seeing Autumn's little pink painted toes), was seeing her meet her cousins Liam and Spencer for the first time. It was fun seeing Leslie with all her little chickens.

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Blessings to all who read this!



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