Friday, April 8, 2011

One day at a time...

Will this really happen? Will I really get to the point where I can leave for a month to go to Maine to write a book?


I cannot doubt this. God gave us a miracle when Nicole fell off that building. He carried her down, he sat with her on the ground and he guided the surgeons hands as they knit Nicole's broken neck and back together again. She's a WALKING quadriplegic. And that story has to be told on a larger stage. I've been encouraged by so many, assuring me that because this book will give God the glory, He will make sure that the money will flow to make it happen.

My little health scare has slowed me down a bit...critically low potassium will zap your energy and fast! But each day, as my potassium levels rise, I feel stronger and stronger. I've got a week's worth of housework to catch up on this weekend so I can focus on work again next week. I'm going to be gone three days next week to go to Chicago for training for the ALS Association walk that I'm coordinating, so I have to cram alot into the two days I'll be in my office.

And I'm also going to try to go to Nashville later this month for a few days to tend to my friend, Carol, who is having surgery on her delicate heart--valve replacement and triple by-pass--next Wednesday.

One day at a time...

Have you ever had a goal that seemed impossible, but you plowed forward as if you would reach it no matter what? I'd love to hear about it! I know the first step towards reaching a goal is believing you'll reach it.

Blessings to all who read this!

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  1. So have been busy and I have been away from your blog with absolutely no excuse at all. Did I forget about you? No, I certainly did not. I am back and so happy to hear that your medical tests came back ok. Praise the good Lord again! Things are crazy here in western North Dakota with the oil "boom". Spring has finally sprung although we do still have piles of snow here and there and the threat of a dam breaking not to far from my home which would cause major flooding. Yikes! The easstern side of ND has flooding nearly every year but not here so this is new to me/us. I am babysitting my hunny bunny 17 month old grandson today, as I do every Wednesday. he is napping now so Grandma gets an hour or so to relax. He is one busy busy boy. Being the mom of 2 girls I can't believe how different he plays....not rough or wild....just so busy. And how do boys know how to sound like a truck? My girls never made the noises he comes up with!
    You must be so excited about your Maine trip. I am excited for you! I don't have anything that exciting planned but I am going to Rochester,Minnesota with my youngest daughter the beginning of May for 4 days. She graduates from college April 29 as a respiratory therapist and already has a job at the famous Mayo clinic/hospital beginning June 20th. She interviewed in Feb and was offered the job almost immediately!! *beam* This time they pay for her and a guest to go on a housing search. Because her boyfriend is away at medical school she asked me to go!!! Yay for me to spend a few days with one of my best friends! Speaking of is yours? I hope she is doing well! What an amazing woman she is! WOW! I will certanly be standing in line somewhere to buy your book. That's all for now I have one load of laundry left to fold. :o) Take care - I hope you are feeling better!